7 YouTube Channels That Help Kids Learn Math Faster

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E-learning has opened many doors for children and parents alike. Whether it is solving complex problems or learning new techniques, families are turning to it for academic success. While many subjects have now become easy to understand, math in particular is a favourite among young kids now– thanks to some of the best math videos on YouTube.

These videos are easy-to-understand, fun to watch, free, and can be viewed any time, any day!

But with a wide array of videos, how would you choose the best for your kids? Well, this is where we come in. We’re parents just like you and understand the importance of fun and clean e-learning videos. This is why we have put together a list of the seven best math videos on YouTube.

They will not only help clear your child’s math concepts, but will help them succeed in their math learning journey.

7 Best Math Videos On YouTube That Can Help Kids Excel In The Subject

1. Khan Academy Videos

Khan Academy offers many levels of math training. From primary classes to secondary school learning to above, there is something for everyone. For instance, there is a sub-channel called Khan Academy Early Math. It covers topics such as counting and computation.

Khan Academy New SAT is also aimed at helping students master math that they will encounter in high school level standardised tests.

Plus, you can count on their extensive collection of math videos that are both – visually appealing and easy to understand.

Subscribers: 3 million+

Suitable for: Different age groups via their sub-channels

2. Math Antics

Some children are naturally good at math, while other need a bit of push. If your child falls in the latter category then this channel is for them. They not only teach basics of the subject, but also allow the child to practice alongside and then step to the next level.

Plus, the videos tackle one concept at a time with entertaining animations and sound effects. They cover vast topics ranging from the volume, fraction to polynomials.

Subscribers: 2.13 million

Suitable for: Middle and young high school students

3. Brain Candy TV videos

Brain Candy TV offers a selection of motivating educational videos that include an extensive math video playlist. The videos feature monster trucks and Lizzy the Dog who teach kids the many ways to solve math problems.

They cover topics including learning numbers, counting, and simple computation. The videos are shot and produced like you’re watching a television show, making them an enjoyable watch too.

Subscribers: 507k

Suitable for: Preschoolers and young elementary students

4. Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids

Through this channel, your child can discover numbers, computation, and much more. They’ll learn concepts that will prepare them for more complex learning in their higher grades.

It has a huge collection of animated math videos covering elementary math topics such as counting, computation, fractions, percents, and others.

The videos from this site are clear and produced to grab your child’s attention. The illustrations are well-designed to show the concepts and their animations add to the presentation.

Subscribers: 228k

Suitable for: Young kids, topics cover preschool, and early elementary concepts in math.

5. Math Game Time

These math videos feature real math teachers who provide step-by-step examples to help solve problems. Other math videos incorporate songs, animation, or favourite characters to help bring important concepts to life.

Subscribers: 38.4k

Suitable for: The free math videos cover a range of grade levels from pre-k through 7th grade. Subject areas range from algebra to logic to puzzles.

6. Math Mashup videos

According to experts from Math Mashup, over 60 percent of students prefer to learn math visually, which is why they have design their math videos with an animation software.

This channel has over 100 K-12 video lessons that can teach your child any math topic in just five minutes. While some videos (as well as their newsletter) are free, others require a monthly subscription. The lessons on the channels can be used to teach common core math, Singapore math, eureka math, and more.

Subscribers: 119k

Suitable for: Covers elementary, middle, and high school level mathematics.

7. Patrick JMT videos

Patrick JMT is a community college math teacher who teaches in a very conversational style. This channel has dozens of videos, mostly about challenging math concepts such as Matrices and Integrals of Rational Functions. But it also includes simpler topics such as complex long division.

Patrick explains the strategies such as estimation and elimination of incorrect responses. This can help students improve their test-taking abilities and also their overall math skills.

Subscribers: 1.25M

Suitable for: Videos are designed to help high school and early college students with math concepts.

Hopefully, some of these best math videos on YouTube will be your child’s go-to. But the fact is that mathematics as a subject requires constant practice and revision. So if they enjoy these videos, encourage your children to solve the problems with the presenters and apply these concepts to their school curriculum.


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