7 tips on building the perfect dating bio, according to Tinder

tinder dating bio tips
tinder dating bio tips

When Sima Auntie from Mumbai is not available (or affordable), those looking to find love can turn to apps like Tinder. But finding the perfect match can be tough, and we all know the disappointment of not getting any decent matches. Let’s see if building a dating bio like the experts at Tinder say can help you find the one.

Even though the global pandemic is coming to an end, and we are somewhat resuming our normal lives, people are still looking for love online. After all, it’s a very convenient tool to expand your network, letting you see more potential candidates in your vicinity that you most likely would not encounter naturally on your own. Once you get a match, a simple “hi” might just go a long way. Let’s look at how Tinder suggests we build our dating bio. After all, it plays a huge part in getting those matches.

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How to build the perfect dating bio, according to Tinder

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash
Image credit: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Don’t leave your profile blank

This may seem like an obvious point, but we have all seen people with basically nothing in their bios. Maybe they uploaded two photos and one of them is an edgy, blurry, black-and-white vague caricature of their half-covered face.

You don’t need a full three-part essay to make your presence known, just something simple will do.

Fill up your ‘interests’ portion

Interests are a great way to let those passing by see the potential connection without having to type a word. Maybe you like Korean dramas. You see another one that also likes Korean dramas. That’s pretty cool, and you now know at least one thing you have in common that you can talk to each other about.

Plus, there’s just so many interests to choose from. From e-sports to hot yoga and slam poetry (for some reason), you can find someone to bond over your passions with.

Your ‘lifestyle’ section shows if you’ll get on with each other

As the ‘interests’ portion indicates potential interests, the ‘lifestyle’ may display potential disinterests that may arise. Maybe you’re allergic to dogs, and this guy has one. You don’t want to deal with that—we get it. Maybe this one smokes regularly, and you’re really against that. No hard feelings, just scroll on.

Some people are also serious with zodiac signs and MBTI personality tests, as they really believe that your personality drastically changes when you’re born when stars align in a specific way, and that’s cute of them. This section can help with that, we suppose.

Image credit: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash
Image credit: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

Find photos that display your interests

Tinder is telling us to not only put up photos that show what you look like, but what you’re normally into as well. You’re a cafe hopper? Put some mugs and cute shots of your favourite place. A bar guy? Some pics with neon signs are always the correct choice.

It will put some life into the gallery, and add that something extra to your bio. After all, just shots of your face five times could be seen as a little repetitive.

But remember to always aim to be a little different. Remember that shirtless guy wearing shades holding up a fish he caught? Yeah, we can remember three from last week alone.

tinder bio
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Try using the Loop function

They say a picture is worth a thousand words or whatever, but sometimes we just want some flair — some movement to how we present ourselves to the world on our dating bio, Tinder or not.

The Loop function is a simple two-second video that loops around. It’s basically a GIF (pronounced with a hard G, of course) of yourself. Just something to spice up your gallery. Experiment and mix it up how you like.

Image credit: Good Faces/Unsplash
Image credit: Good Faces/Unsplash

State what you’re looking for

It’s just easier to know beforehand if you’re looking for the same kind of connection. Maybe you’re just looking for a casual date, and this one is searching for something more serious. That might cause conflict in the future. Eliminate that possibility easily by letting them read what you want exactly before even saying hi.

Sure, you might change someone’s mind. Something casual could become something more serious, but are you really going to bank on that?

Image credit: Antoine Beauvillain/Unsplash
Image credit: Antoine Beauvillain/Unsplash

Get that verification check

Seeing a profile with a blue verification check beside the name gives you an extra sense of safety. It means that this person exists, the person’s photos are legit, and they went through the process of getting their profile verified.

Go get the verification check, and that feeling will apply to your dating profile, too.

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Image credit: Andreea Pop/Unsplash

Be yourself

We know—revolutionising advice, right? Still, it is very important to put yourself into writing a bio. Stating some fun facts about yourself, be humorous, share a little tidbit—these can play well into making you look approachable, and more likely to get swiped right.

Don’t hesitate to get a friend to read it for you from a third-person perspective.

Ready, set, swipe.

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