7 things we know about Aloysius Pang

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle
Aloysius Pang, 28, was taking part in Exercise Thunder Warrior, at the Waiouru Training Area in New Zealand when the injury occurred. (PHOTO: Facebook / NoonTalk.Aloysius)

Update: Actor Aloysius Pang died of severe injuries at the age of 28 on 23 January, during the Singapore Army’s Exercise Thunder Warrior in Waiouru, New Zealand.

Child actor to rising star

Aloysius Pang, 28, was a former child star who propelled to fame after he won Best Newcomer at Mediacorp’s Star Awards in 2015. He was in a few Channel 8 dramas and signed on to Noontalk Media, co-founded by his friend, actor, television host and radio DJ, Dasmond Koh. He once quit acting at age 14 due to bullying.



Reel love?

Aloysius starred beside newcomer Carrie Wong in drama series ‘Fear Not’, and rumours were rife that their on-screen attraction had spilled over to real life. “There’s definitely sparks between us on set. It’s very comfortable and thrilling acting with her,” Aloysius commented on his co-star Carrie when asked about what he thought about her. He’s also spotted casually hanging out with actresses Kimberley Lim and Jayley Woo but he has not confirmed that they were dating.

He is an entrepreneur

Together with his brothers, he has started a green start-up named Kairos Green. The start-up aims to sell eco-friendly wood-plastic composite products, which can be found in flooring to doors and windows.

He looks up to older female actresses

While Aloysius has been casted beside younger cast members, he counts Jeanette Aw and Zoe Tay as some of his “ideal” co-stars. He has publicly announced his preference for older women before, so it’s come to us as a no surprise.

He’d love to be on ‘Running Man’

He may look like he’s got composure but Aloysius tends to overthink and can get pretty competitive. He would like to be on the Korean variety show ‘Running Man’, where you have to compete in some mind-boggling obstacles, and we reckon he would do pretty well!

When he has some ‘free time’….

You’d find him in his room, with the lights switched off, and chips by the side of the bed. Sometimes some ‘me’ alone time is good for your mental health and we couldn’t agree more. He also takes up piano, guitar and boxing lessons to keep himself busy.

We wish the actor a speedy recovery and hope he will bounce back in no time.

His friends and celebrities in the entertainment industry have shared their thoughts and support online.


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