A 7-year-old Taiwanese Boy In Coma After Being Thrown 20 Times In Judo Class

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In an incident that has left parents shocked, a 7-year-old boy fell into a coma after he was allegedly thrown to the ground more than 20 times in a row during a Judo lesson.

The news came into light when it was first reported by the Taiwanese new website Liberty Times. The site stated that the Taiwanese child –who was immediately taken to a hospital– is currently in a vegetative state.

Boy In Coma After Being Thrown Over 20 Times In Judo Class

what causes a coma
what causes a coma

Image source: Screengrab from Facebook / CTi News

The incident took place, when the 7-year-old Huang, was at his Judo class at 7pm last Wednesday (21 April). His uncle who was present during the class revealed that his nephew appeared unwell during his lessons. He also told the media that Huang complained about feeling nauseated.

The uncle then approached the coach about the same. But, the coach brushed it off and assumed Huang’s state could be because of an overly filling meal.

The coach then resumed instructing two other boys in class to practice their throws on Huang. All the while, the 7-year-old pleaded for the coach to stop. Huang informed him that both his head and leg hurt. He also told the coach that he no longer wanted to do practice.

But Huang’s coach allegedly ‘threatened’ him to get up. The coach then threw Huang to the ground six to seven times. This led to Huang losing consciousness.

By this point, Huang had already been thrown to the ground about 27 times and became unconscious.

Unfortunately, instead of checking in, the coach carried the boy to his uncle and insisted that the child was pretending to faint. He added that he wasn’t sure if it might be because he threw up and was accidentally choked.

The coach shockingly told the boy’s uncle that if they didn’t feel assured, they could seek medical attention.

What Causes A Coma: Child Discovered To Have Suffered From A Brain Haemorrhage

what causes a coma
what causes a coma

Image source: iStock

The 7-year-old boy was immediately brought to the hospital where he was operated upon. It was then revealed that the boy was suffering from an intracranial haemorrhage.

Huang is now in a vegetative state and doctors say that he may remain this way for the rest of his life.

Huang’s parents originally wanted to let go of their son’s life support. But they were encouraged by his vital signs to keep him alive. Only time will tell if Huang will recover completely or not.

Coach To Be Detained

Investigations are still ongoing involving the coach.

When confronted by Huang’s father, the coach said that protective gear was used during their Judo class. It was also only when contradictions were found in the coach’s explanations that he confessed to what happened. That he and two other students threw Huang to the ground.

He also admitted to heavily throwing the 7-year-old to the ground many times. All of this evidence has now forced prosecutors to apply for the coach’s detention.

This news has once again brought to light the greater need for child safety in recreational setups. Whether it is a judo class or the swimming pool, parents must demand accountability and transparency from teachers. One way to do this is to keep a check on your child’s activity and subsequent behaviour. And second way to attend some these classes (of possible) and demand accountability from teachers on safety, precaution, and class processes.

Lead image source from screengrab from Facebook / CTi News.


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