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Along the stretch of East Coast Road are a trail of shophouses filled with many well-known restaurants and cafes. Quiet by day, road transforms at night as foodies from all over Singapore come to dine.

But one of the restaurants truly stands out from the rest.

Al Forno (East Coast), is an Italian restaurant that has been in Singapore since 1995 and the first Italian restaurant to import fresh ingredients directly from Italy!

That means Al Forno has some of the most authentic Italian food here in Singapore, so save yourself that airplane ticket to Italy. But if you want a gastronomical get-away, then book a room at the RedDoorz which is directly above the restaurant. Now, how’s that for a stay-cay?

Moving on, let’s talk about what you are here for- the food! Here at Boss 7 Food, we don’t let just anyone tell us what to eat at a restaurant.

Only the most qualified person’s opinion matters: Owner of Al Forno (East Coast), Alessandro Di Prisco.

Alessandro Di Prisco from Al Forno

Owner and chef Alessandro Di Prisco

Originally from a small town of South Italy, Chef Alessandro has been managing Al Forno for 20 years! He enjoys sharing his culture with the locals and learning local culture at the same time. Hence, the quality and the appeal of his dishes are very important to him and he strives to always put customers' opinions first to improve and adapt to the changing times.

Here are Alessandro’s top seven recommended dishes that you must try at his restaurant.

First dish- Calamari Fritti (Fried Calamari)
Calamari Fritti at Al Forno by Alessandro Di Prisco

Calamari Fritti

Here’s an appetiser NOT to be missed!

Many places tend to overcook or overcoat their calamari with batter but Alessandro’s secret to cooking perfect calamari is actually very simple. All you need is just fresh calamari, cook it in clean oil, and et voilà!

Be sure to dip it in the homemade sweet-sour tartar sauce too. Paired with the tender and crunchy calamari, you’ll be salivating for the next dish!

Deep fried calamri dipped in homemade tartar sauce

Deep fried calamari along with their homemade tartar sauce!

Second dish- Sauté Di Vongole (Sauté Clams)
saute clams from Al Forno

Sauté Di Vongole

If you love eating sambal lala, you’ll love this Italian version of clams too! These clams are extremely fresh and cooked with white wine which brings out their natural flavour.

The absence of spice also means that the dish is family-friendly, and you can finish an entire serving if you are not careful! A great favourite with customers, the sauce of this dish has also been praised over the years too.

Fresh clams with seasonings

Fresh and juicy clams

Third dish- Parmigiana Di Melanzane (Oven-Baked Sliced Eggplant)
Parmigiana, deep fried eggplant layered with tomato sauce and cheese

Parmigiana Di Melanzane

Low carb? Check. Vegetarian? Check. Delicious? Check.

Parmigiana Di Melanzane is a traditional dish from South Italy; baked fried eggplant with tomato sauce, fresh basil, and cheese.

From frying the individual pieces of eggplants to assembling the many layers, this dish is complicated and time consuming to prepare. Hence, it is not just the flavours of the ingredients you’re enjoying but top-quality cooking skills too!

Cheesy layered fried egg plant

Look at the gooey cheese hammed inside layers of fried egg plant!

Fourth dish- Spaghetti Cartoccio (Spaghetti with Mixed Seafood)
Seafood spaghetti with a variety of fresh seafood, crayfish, kingprawns, mussels, squids and clams

Spaghetti Cartoccio

“Spaghetti seafood you will never forget.”

Translating to “Spaghetti in a bag”, this dish reminds us of the popular seafood bucket concept but with spaghetti. With crayfish, king prawns, mussels, squids, and clams, this “bag” is certainty as big as a bucket, if not bigger!

Clearly, it lives up to the concept’s stellar standard too as this dish is another customer-favourite!

seasoning the seafood pasta

Look at the variety of seafood mixed in the pasta!

Fifth dish- Penne Polpette (Homemade Meatballs)
tomato based meatball pasta with chef's secret recipe

Penne Polpette

Made with Alessandro’s mother’s secret recipe, these meatballs are bigger, juicer, and so delicious!

Pasta and meatballs may seem like something on a children’s menu, but don’t turn your nose down on this dish! Deceptively simple, this traditional dish literally transports to you Italy with a bite.

We think we have just found a new contender against Ikea’s beloved meatballs!

meatball secret recipe passed down from his mother

Chef's secret recipe passed down from his mother!

Sixth dish- Pizza Misto Carne (Mixed Meat)
pizza with tomato sauce with ham, salami, sausage, cheese and ham

Pizza Misto Carne

“We have one of the best pizzas in Singapore.”

A bold claim to make but this Pizza Mixed Meat is conceived specially based on local preference. It is no secret that we Singaporeans love our meat, hence this loaded pizza is born!

And it sure does not disappoint. Generously topped with ham, salami, Italian sausage, and beef, there is juicy, savoury meat in every bite of the crispy crust.

Carnivores, you know what to order now!

baking the pizza in the wood oven

Baking in wood oven for a more enhanced flavour!

Seventh dish- Calzone (Folded Pizza)
Calzone similar to singapore's curry puff but a big one


If you ever wished for a giant pizza puff, then this Calzone is for you!

This traditional Italian dish essentially a pizza but folded over and sealed like a huge curry puff.

Stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, and ham, the calzone is then baked in an authentic wood fired oven which gives the crust a smoky flavour and a “fantastic crispy pizza”!

cheese, ham and mushroom wrapped and served with olive oil and tomato sauce

Look at the fillings in the big 'curry puff'!

Now that you know the top seven recommendations from owner Alessandro Di Prisco, which of these dishes would you be trying at Al Forno (East Coast)?

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