7 low cost, high-impact ways to update your home right now

low cost high impact ways to update your space
7 high-impact ways to revamp a spacePrestigious Textiles

If you're looking for budget-friendly (and time-efficient) ways to overhaul your interior, you'll be pleased to know that there's plenty to be done that doesn't involve building an extension or painting any walls (thank goodness).

From mixing and matching textures to opting for a statement lampshade, it couldn't be easier to transform the look of your home without spending too much money or time on it.

Keep reading to discover our favourite budget-friendly, high-impact home decor fixes – each one will transform your living space in an instant!

Tip 1: Opt for tactile textures

'The sensory aspect of a home is vital, and with trends in wellness and mindful spaces becoming increasingly important, utilising textured fabric offers up the chance to create a room that feels good both mentally and physically,' says Vicki Foster, interior stylist at ScS.

We recommend aiming for at least four different textures in each room – for example, a sleek wooden coffee table, ultra-soft throw, woven rug and rattan lampshade.

Image: Epping Grand Sofa in Textured Weaves, Darlings of Chelsea

epping grand sofa in textured weaves oatmeal
Darlings of Chelsea

Tip 2: Add biophilic elements

Greenery is an easy way to breathe life and tranquillity into your home, with plants being naturally colourful and instantly soothing. With plenty of houseplants being easily accessible and budget-friendly, it's a home update that won't break the bank, either. For a great range of indoor plants try Bloombox Club or Crocus.

'Try using plants of various sizes and including green across your decor, walls, furniture or accessories,' Vicki suggests.

'Additionally, embrace biophilic patterns; leaf and floral prints will elevate the look and keep the theme throughout the seasons.'

Image: Large Rubber Plant in Bedroom, Soto Garden

large rubber plant in bedroom
Soto Garden

Tip 3: Update lampshades

A well-chosen lampshade can make all the difference when it comes to giving a room a fresh new feel. A bold style immediately draws the eye upwards and serves as a statement focal point.

Better still, lampshades are easy enough to fit, so this is one update that guarantees maximum impact with minimal fuss.

Image: Eos Feather Pendant Shade, Black By Design

eos feather pendant shade
Black By Design

Tip 4: Curve appeal is key

Forget sharp lines and stark silhouettes – from armchairs to side tables, soft curves add instant visual appeal, no matter the room of the house.

'Curves, waves and arches will be making a comeback for spring, making rooms flow with ease whilst also being a statement pattern to embrace,' says Vicki.

You're not limited to furniture and decor, either, she adds: 'Creating curved patterns using paint on walls and furniture can completely transform a room whilst giving it a unique touch that will make the space memorable.'

Image: Hiro Dining Chairs, Atkin & Thyme

hiro dining chairs
Atkin & Thyme

Tip 5: Use mirrors to bounce light around

Making a space feel lighter and brighter also makes your home feel larger and more open – a cost-efficient way to transform the feel of any given room.

'Mirrors are the master of giving the illusion of space. They immediately bounce light around rooms, making everything feel more open and spacious,' says Vicki. 'Placing mirrors opposite corners that need brightening up is a fantastic solution to expanding the light of a room in a natural, non-intrusive way.'

Image: Spring/Summer Bedroom 2024, Nkuku

spring summer 24 bedroom
oceanic teal
Benjamin Moore
splatter paint framed fine art print
Abstract House

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