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S.W. Basics Cream

It takes a minute to get used to how different this cream feels than most others. The product feels cakey when scooped from the jar, but the combination of shea butter and coconut and olive oils turns into an oil upon application. It definitely has a bit of a greasy finish (so definitely apply this at night), but it’s hands down one of the most powerful moisturizers we’ve ever used. S.W. Basics Cream ($32) 

7 Best Body Moisturizers to Tackle Dry Skin

Sara Bliss
Senior Writer

Freezing temps and frigid winds paired with dry winter heat add up to seriously dehydrated skin. Winter can wreak havoc, leaving your body rough, flaky, and painfully dry. We’re thankful there are some moisturizers that are powerful enough to heal even the worst case of dry skin. We’ve sampled dozens of products to source the most potent body moisturizers out there. Whether you want an organic brand, a drugstore find, or a luxe cure, we’ve got the seven best.


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