7 actors who’d be perfect as Nathan Drake in Uncharted


While the talk of an ‘Uncharted’ video games to movie adaptation has gathered momentum recently, we’re still no wiser over any actual details.

We’ve seen Shawn Levy (’Stranger Things’) board the project as well as its former attached helmer Joe Carnahan describe it as an ‘anti-Indiana Jones’ story.

Yet that all important question still remains: who would be the perfect fit for rugged hero Nathan Drake? Nathan Fillion’s long been rumoured for the project but that’s unlikely to happen.

So here’s seven very qualified faces who could conceivably play the icon.

Chris Pratt


He may be Hollywood’s man of the moment, but Pratt’s shown he can do action hero/adventurer really well, plus he’s got the charm and charisma to pull off the comedy side of the character which is essential. Looks-wise he’d fit the bill, too.

Mark Walhberg


Marky Mark may not have the acting dexterity (sorry Mark) but what arguably he lacks in ability he certainly makes up with in dedication and physical attributes. Having appeared in the ‘Transformers’ franchise, ‘The Fighter’, and ‘Pain and Gain’, he’s go both the comedic and serious action hero nailed down pretty well.

Colin Farrell


The Irish badboy’s got a bit of everything but his acting could be what makes him ideal for the role. He’s got that arrogance, charm, and element of tomfoolery about him that could make his Nathan into a more rounded and appealing chap.

Josh Duhamel


Perhaps not the obvious or even the most popular choice, Duhamel earns his place having had a recurring role in the ‘Transformers’ movies where he plays Lt. Colonel William Lennox, so has the escaping-huge-killer-nasties-and-spraying-machine-gun-bullets thing down to a tee.

Jensen Ackles


Massively popular as ‘Supernatural’s’ Dean Winchester, the transition from TV to cinema would be a welcomed one. He’s got the swagger needed for Nate and obviously the look to convince as the character. An outsider bet but there’s a strong chance he’d step up to the mark if asked.

Dylan McDermott


At 55 and without intending to be ageist, McDermott is the oldest of the bunch and while many fans may scream out for a younger, more agile actor, if the film were set after the fourth game he’d be a perfect choice. He may not have many big-screen credits to his name but his time on ‘The Practice’ proves he’s more than capable.

Charlie Cox


Could ‘Daredevil’ himself become another iconic, heroic character in such a small space of time? Cox ticks all the boxes, for sure, and he could handle the complexity of the role if his Marvel exploits are anything to go by. At only 33 he’s still relatively fresh-faced but would be an interesting choice who’d perhaps offer a more composed version of Nathan Drake.

Much like the ongoing ‘who’s going to be the next Bond?’ debate, the actor that’s inevitably chosen to play Drake will hopefully be the best fit for the physically demanding, charming, adventuring role.

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