6 new workouts to try in 2022, inspired by Thai celebrities

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thai celebrity workout 2022
thai celebrity workout 2022

New year’s resolutions don’t have to be hard on you.

They can be as simple as trying something new. In this case, it would be interesting to try some new exercise methods, perhaps because running feels too boring or home workouts keep you cramped up inside your own apartment for too long.

If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone, check out these 6 celebrities workout routines that will to lure you into sweating this year.

[Hero and featured image credit: Araya ‘Chompoo’ Hargate via Instagram]

The celebrities workout routines to be inspired by:

Araya ‘Chompoo’ A. Hargate

Chompoo Araya never strays too far from her Pilates Reformer. Pilates is an exercise designed to support the spine and back muscles by strengthening the core muscles. Your body will engage in series of smooth consecutive motions that cause little collision to the joints, making it a workout suitable for people of any size. You won’t be gasping for breath in this celebrities workout but will certainly feel that sore the next morning.

Praya ‘Poo’ Lundberg

Praya ‘Poo’ Lundberg is a model known to commit to nurturing her body, and boxing is one of her workout choices. Boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai are already well-known as high-intensity and fat-burning cardio workouts, which is why they’re perfect if you want to melt that holiday weight away. Many fitness facilities nowadays offer a variety of boxing classes, but if you want to kick your calories burning rate sky-high, we suggest to go all the way for Muay Thai.

Janie Allapach Na Pombhejara

Here is the celebrity who made yoga fly a sensation in Thailand. Janie started doing yoga fly years ago, and since then we’ve seen so many amazing moves on her Instagram. Yoga fly is a combination of yoga, pilates, dance, calisthenics, and aerial art, all of which accommodate people of all ages and sizes to participate. It helps to strengthen your muscles, relax any tension on your back, and train your body to find balance.

James Ma

If he wasn’t an actor, he would probably be a professional golfer right now. James Ma is a leading actor whose unwavering passion for golfing led him into signing up for a golf championship program in Hong Kong. Golfing is nothing new in Thailand, but a lot of people never really have a chance to consider joining the clan. Maybe this year you should. Golfing is a sport where players almost always get to enjoy the green scenery around. A walk among the greenery and a couple of hours of swings could really lift the mood for the day.

Sonia ‘Pim’ Couling

One of Thailand’s top models who abandoned her high heels long ago and turned to polo is Sonia Couling. When it comes to this equestrian sport, she has gone as far as winning the Ladies Polo Tournament in 2018. It certainly is a challenging sport, given that you need to first learn to ride a horse, but totally worth the fun of collaborating with your wagon and your teammates.

Apitsada ‘Ice’ Kruakongka

Wake surf has been around for a while as we’ve seen many celebrities posting their videos on Instagram, including Ice Apitsada. If you’re into water activities, this kind of sport serves you right in the city without having to travel to the sea. Wake surf requires the ability to balance on the board in accordance with the waves while also controlling its direction. The most fun part, however? When you get to see your friends plunge down in water.

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