6 simple beauty resolutions for 2013

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Every year, we come up with a list of things we want to change about ourselves, especially during the start of a new year.  Often, resolutions never go past the first two or three months because some people just give up, or simply forget what they promised a few months before.
Perhaps a way to succeed in keeping your resolutions is to make sure they are realistic and achievable. Baby steps will help make it easier to stick to your goals.

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In the coming year, here are a few simple beauty resolutions that can make a world of difference:
1. Wash your make-up off every night. No excuses! Even if you are coming from a crazy night out with your friends, promise yourself that you will never sleep with your make-up on. Not only will you look horrible the next morning, with panda eyes and streaky lipstick, it is also bad for your skin. Bacteria and oil can build up on your face, allowing blemishes and zits to form and causing other skin issues in the future.

2. Clean your make-up brushes. Even if you are not a make-up artist who uses your tools on different people and therefore needs to make sure you wash after every use, bacteria can still build on your brushes from everyday use. Make sure you wash your brushes with a baby shampoo at least once a week and lay them flat on a towel to dry overnight.
3. Keep your nails neat and tidy. We are all guilty of sometimes of leaving our nail polish on way past their prime, so make it your New Year's resolution to make sure you remove your polish at the first signs of chipping. Remember, non-polished nails that are cut and cleaned look better than chipped nails!
4. Retouch your roots. Even the ombre look (dark-to-light hair color) is carefully planned out so if you are going to color your hair a significantly lighter or darker shade, make sure you will have the time and resources for the upkeep.

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Finally, here are two other things that seem to show up in every New Year’s resolution list. They may need a little more will power, but may prove to be doable and sustained if reframed in another way.
5. Switch to electronic cigarettes. It’s a sneaky way to say stop smoking but kicking a nicotine addiction requires a lot of help. So e-cigarettes might to do trick. Or, look to one of the many ways now available to stop this bad habit, including nicotine patches and anything that will give your lungs a break. Excessive smoking can cause bad breath, yellow teeth and fingers and a sallow complexion, and there is nothing attractive about any of that!
6. Build stamina and energy! Another way to say start working out but to make things easier for you, don't make losing weight your goal. Instead, tell yourself that you are taking care of your body and are building stamina and energy. Think of how good you will feel, and the weight loss is secondary, but will also be very visible if you stay consistent.

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