6 reasons why you should dye your hair blue

Once you leave the salon after a new dye job, you always feel like you have the coolest hair.

“OMG! This colour is so me!” I’m sure many of us are familiar with this feeling. As someone who has tried many colours, I think blue hair is the best colour- here’s why.

1. It works really well for Asian skin tones

By CLEO Hair & Make

When it comes to trendy hair colours, most hues don’t suit Asian skin tones and tend to make us look sallow-skinned. But not blue hair. Regardless whether you are of a lighter skin tone or lean more towards the tan side, the right shade of blue is guaranteed to suit you!

By Hair by Xavier Leong

2. Blue hair is versatile

Blue and Purple Pastel Hair by HARTS Salon

You are not just limited to a head full of blue hair when you go blue.

Blue complements most colours and you can mix it up for a different look or stand out from the rest of the blue-haired beauties.

Blue Highlights by Plan B Hair Studio

I’ll have to admit I’m a little biased towards blue hair blended with grey. There’s just something about the mix of these two tones that exudes a demure yet rocker vibe.

Grey and Blue Balayage by Color Bar by Full House Salon

Blue Ash by Bump by AVENTA

3. Blue hair can look professional

By J7Image

If you’re sceptical, hear me out. How many vibrant hair colours out there are office-friendly? Blue-black hair is one of those colours that you might be able to get away with at work. The richness of the deep blue makes it look almost like black hair yet you’ll be rockin’ a cool blue!

Peek-a-boo Blue with Undercut by Kenaris Hair Salon

You don’t have to go full blue, though. If you’re anxious about what your boss might say, go for a peek-a-boo technique instead and while you are at it, sneak in an undercut as well!

4. Blue is cool

Ocean Aquamarine Hair by AVENTA Hair Salon

Blue hair is undoubtedly cool. Whether you choose to channel ocean vibes with aquamarine hair…

Denim Hair by Picasso Hair Studio

Or the timeless style of denim …

Sky Blue by 99 Percent Hair Studio

The sky is the limit! No matter which you go for, your hair will be the envy of many so be prepared for compliments even from strangers.

5. It fades beautifully

Blue hair may not last long but as it fades with each wash, you’ll be sporting a different hue. How cool is that! Your friends will start to wonder if you are getting a new dye job frequently but secretly you’ll know that’s just the magic of blue hair.

6. Even celebrities are going blue

From models to celebrities alike, it seems just about everyone is bitten by the blue bug. Okay, you shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon just because celebrities are doing it but this just goes to show blue hair is hard to resist by anyone.

So what do you say? Ready to go blue? Everyone won’t be green with envy, but blue!