6 Exciting Food Trends For Singaporeans To Watch In 2017

A continued move towards sustainability, influx of Michelin-starred restaurants and more

By Samantha Francis for Weekender Singapore

2016 had arguably been an exciting year for foodies, especially with the inaugural launch of the Michelin Dining Guide.

Humble hawker stalls were propelled to fame while restaurants raised the bar with chef collaborations and pop-ups.

At the same time, a bunch of too-adorable-to-be-true character themed cafes found their place in the hearts of many.

Those with an incurable sweet tooth were thrilled with the likes of molten cakes, tarts and even savoury-sweet salted egg croissants.

What will 2017 bring?


Photo: Pyxie Moss

1. Greens at the forefront

You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to appreciate the versatility of greens.

As proven by restaurants like Pyxie Moss and Open Door Policy, there is much to showcase in terms of flavours and textures — from fermented root vegetables to herb-based sauces.

Odette, famed for its exquisite degustation menus, offers a six-course vegetarian menu that can easily rival its regular one. One of its dishes uses beetroot in four ways no less!

Along with the focus on greens, is the continued move towards sustainability and farm-to-table dining concepts, which all help diners to understand the origins of their consumption habits.


Photo: Deliveroo

2. Delivery-only restaurants

With delivery services on the rise — think UberEATS, Deliveroo and Foodpanda, it won’t be long before delivery-only restaurants start popping up.

Propelled by the lack of manpower and high rent, online delivery looks like the way to go, even though it’s no match for a full-fledged dining experience.

As of now, hungry foodies can easily order meals round-the-clock and even baking kits.


Photo: Flame Cafe

3. Multi-purpose dining concepts

As busy urbanites living in a metropolis, we’re no strangers to multi-tasking, even when it comes to food.

Going by the popularity of multi-tiered steamboats, diners appreciate having the option to grill, steam and barbecue their food all at the same time.

That’s not all; with the emergence of cafes like the Japan Rail Cafe, one can easily grab a meal and purchase rail passes for their next trip aboard.

Looks like retail-dining concepts are slowly evolving into much more too — the newly-opened Ola Beach Club will feature unusual water sports.


Photo: Ninja Bowl

4. Meals in a bowl

Donburi, be happy — this was a quote I read somewhere. If 2016 had been the year of hearty all-in-one rice bowls and Hawaiian poke bowls, then 2017 looks set to grow the trend.

Players like Tanuki Raw, Ninja Bowl and Grain Traders have cemented their places as pioneers of the angmoh cai fan trend.

Come new year, we’re looking forward to even more premium and interesting ingredients in these quick, fuss-free and highly customisable bowls.


Photo: Kam’s Roast

5. Influx of Michelin-starred restaurants

This year, Singapore welcomed its inaugural edition of Michelin Guide 2016 and as they say, the rest is history.

Since then, we’ve seen various regional Michelin-starred establishments make their way to our shores, from ramen restaurant Tsuta to roast specialty Kam’s Roast.

Meanwhile, homegrown Michelin-starred hawker stall Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodles has expanded with Hawker Chan. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more culinary bigwigs to launch here!


Photo: Gallery & Co

6. Food pop-ups and festivals

Lucky us, food festivals have always been a quintessential part of the Singaporean calendar — from the annual Singapore Food Festival to Savour.

But what we’re truly excited about, are the various pop-ups that have been on the rise.

Just this year, there’s been the Pokemon Cafe, Craftholic Cafe and many more. The draw of special dishes along with limited edition merchandise seem to be a foolproof formula for drawing the crowds.

Come 2017, we anticipate even more restaurant and celebrity chef collaborations, as well as themed pop-ups to entice foodies.