6 elbows, 4 armrests: Jetstar weighs in on age-old air travel debate

Six per cent of survey respondents who said they would choose their smartphone over their partner or loved one as a holiday companion
Jetstar recommends that other passengers allow middle seat passengers to use both their armrests. (Graphic: Jetstar)

It’s (semi-)official, middle-seat passengers on airplanes should be allowed the use of both their armrests, according to one airline.

“Jetstar now declares that passengers seated in the middle seat shall be able to use both armrests,” said the budget carrier in a press release.

It also recommended that passengers in the window and aisle seats make use of the armrests at the respective ends of their rows. This was only suggested etiquette, however, and Jetstar would not enforce the rule on flights, a spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore.

Most annoying habits

In making its “declaration”, Jetstar also shared the results of its poll involving 1,500 Singapore-based travellers. A quarter of respondents cited their in-flight neighbour hogging their shared armrests as their top peeve while flying.

In second place were passengers who talked loudly, with 23 per cent of respondents listing this group as their No. 1 air travel annoyance. Taking the third spot were passengers who snored loudly, whose behaviour was most annoying to 17 per cent of respondents.

Conducted in July, the poll was part of a regional survey of 20,000 Jetstar passengers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Other interesting findings from the Singapore respondents included 6 per cent of respondents who said they would choose their smartphone over their partner or loved one as a holiday companion.

Thirty-two per cent said being late was the worst behaviour in a travel companion, over being a control freak (25 per cent) or a cheapskate (17 per cent).

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