6 best songs by Kim Hanbin (B.I) for a K-pop playlist that’s ‘To Die For’

best B.I songs kim han bin korean rapper k-pop music ikon
best B.I songs kim han bin korean rapper k-pop music ikon

From topping charts on the regular to being the youngest recipient of the Songwriter Of The Year title (Melon Music Awards, 2018) — Kim Hanbin has been there, done that. His discography is a smorgasbord of hits, many of which feature exciting collaborations. We’re listening our way through some of the best B.I songs.

Popular artist Kim Hanbin — who goes by the stage name B.I — first caught the attention of the K-pop industry when his self-written digital single Be I topped the charts in 2014. All at the age of 17, when he was still a trainee with YG Entertainment. A few years and a reality show later, he debuted under the same agency as the leader of iKon. During this time, he helmed the production of all the releases — including record-breaking titles like Love Scenario, Bling Bling, Rhythm Ta, and My Type — until his departure in 2019. Combine this with the series of awards he’s won over the course of his career and it’s no surprise why he’s believed to be one of the finest in the world of music.

“I would say music is truly the only way for me to express something,” the singer-songwriter-rapper told Grammy’s in an interview. Kim Hanbin went solo in 2021 under the self-founded 131 Label, quickly being dubbed a force to be reckoned with. Upon being asked what he hopes fans take away from him, he said, “I would love to be remembered as an artist who constantly makes great music that they keep coming back to — good songs that last forever.” True to this, the artist has curated an exciting, versatile discography. Here’s a look at all the B.I songs we’re adding to our playlists.


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Popular songs by Kim Hanbin (B.I) to groove to

Illa Illa

This hip-hop rap track — the lead single of B.I’s debut solo album Waterfall — marked his return from a long hiatus. Complete, with trap beats, emotive vocals, moving vocals, and an almost whimsical quality — it sees B.I talk about leaving behind a difficult past and moving to a happy future. “I wrote the song wishing that it could provide comfort to those that listen to it,” NME quoted him saying. “To remember that every chapter that closes just means that a new chapter is about to begin.” The song topped many charts, being dubbed one of the finest, most lyrically intelligent releases of a K-pop artist. The official video garnered 12.7 million views and 300k likes in the first 24 hours of its release — breaking the record for the most-viewed K-pop male soloist debut MV.

BTBT (Ft. DeVita, Soulja Boy)

The lead single of his album Love or Loved Part.1 talks about “passionate feelings you get when you meet somebody or start a relationship, to be drunk with love,” Billboard quoted him revealing. The groovy R&B song is marked by raspy vocals, smooth melodies, and a strong bass — quickly being dubbed one of K-pop’s best in 2022. “It’s a very different style to what I’m used to but it falls back to wanting to show variety in myself and my music,” the artist added. The track went viral on social media, with dancers emulating the dancehall-house-hip hop influenced choreography as seen in the official music video.

Keep Me Up

The second song of the album Love or Loved Part.1 is a latin-pop number that’s marked by a catchy chorus and bold beats. The lyrics are a nod to a courageous, fierce young love that’s filled with passion and desire. “Definitely, my favorite song is the title song, “Keep Me Up,” B.I told Grammy’s. Keeping with the mood of the song, the official music video features powerful choreography and visuals.


This rugged hip-hop-pop track is the eponymous title track of the first half of the second studio album, To Die For. In an interview with Xsports News, he revealed (translated), “Cosmos asks a question about an unfading love that makes me dream of eternity and keeps me alive.” The melody is groovy, the lyrics sweet, and the vocals whimsical and swoonworthy. In line with this, the official video is youthful and dream-like, seeing him explore various kinds of love while supported by old-school motifs of fairy lights, balloons, and confetti.


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Got It Like That

This popular track sees B.I collaborate with fellow singers and rap artists Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh. The lyrics are bold and the beat breezy-groovy. B.I adds his raspy-smooth vocals to the chorus of the song — which talks about showing off style and being confident. He also leads the second verse in both English and Korean. “Everyday I wake up feelin’ myself / Started from the bottom now we only top shelf,” he raps. This song helped the artist carve a space for himself in the industry, after a controversy led him to terminate his contract with iKon and YG Entertainment.

Endless Summer

The final track of the album Love or Loved Part.1 is an alternative-indie-pop number that’s inspired by the movie Eternal Summer. “The tone of the movie is blue, like a bruise. That left an impression on me. That movie had a damp scent like a damp summer beach and the smell of the ocean,” B.I told Korea Herald. “I also got inspired by a poem that is about not counting the age with days that go by, but only the summers that one spends with their loved one, because those are the only days the person has been truly themselves,” he added, revealing the tone and mood of this song. True to this, the song has a whimsical quality to it and witty lyricism.

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