51 Online Fun Activities You Must Try With Your Kids This June

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Children today have access to technology and the powers of the internet right from a young age. Be it the smart assistants that work on voice command or the good ol’ fashioned smartphones and laptops, there’s no running from it.

Instead, mums and dads need to embrace technology in its contribution to your child’s life, whilst balancing productivity.

While it may seem like a tall order, finding online fun activities for kids that are also productive aren’t that much of a problem. Given the vastness of the Internet, there’s something for everyone – both good and bad.

And all you need to do is pick the right things suitable for your stripling. Make your child’s online experience more fun and insightful with these 51 online fun activities for kids.

51 Online Fun Activities For Kids You Must Try At Home

online fun activities for kids
online fun activities for kids

Image Source: Pexels

1. Internet Safety Instructions

Much like the in-flight safety instructions before you fly, the Internet also has its own set of dos and don’ts before you log in. Speak to your child about the safety and productivity of the internet, and how it can be a space for good and bad content.

Relaying this information beforehand will help your child be wise about the links they choose to click on and the ones they should avoid.

2. E-Books On The National Library App

The NLB mobile app comes with a number of titles to choose from that include brilliant picture books to educational titles. NLB is also offering weekly storytelling sessions in English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil on its Facebook page.

3. Apps Appropriate For Kids On Google

Google maintains a list of apps approved by academic experts and teachers from Harvard and Georgetown faculty. These apps are chosen based on their quality, age-appropriateness, enrichment and delight for children.

4. Use YouTube Kids

A different app for children than standard YouTube, it allows automatically filtered videos that are best suitable for children that are safe and fun. Parents also have more control over how much time the kids spend on the app.

5. Mecabricks

If you like Legos, you will surely appreciate Mecabricks that lets you build 3D Lego models. There’s also a negligible chance of you hurting yourself by stepping on a lego block.

6. Google Lens

The app is a part of your camera phone and allows for quick access to information using the camera feature. Google Lens lets your point your phone at things and it will identify everything from buildings, landmarks, to translating text and even give feedback on popular locations.

Let your kids explore different things around the house and learn from Google Lens.

7. Online Puzzle Party

A brain stimulator, solving an online puzzle game works well with kids while keeping things fun. Google Arts & Culture has this feature and you can piece together famous works of art.

8. Different Background Themes On Video Calls

Want to make your online classes or even regular video calls look interesting, try the virtual background app available with different video call platforms.

Add a scenic background or something or keep your actual one hidden, the options are plenty.

9. Online Assistant

Your child does not need to stare at a screen to learn new things. With Google Assistant you can give voice commands to play music, as well as different audio games. Google Assistant comes with a library of audio-based amusements that include different trivia, Mad Libs to talking like Yoda.

10. Collect Young Scientist Badges

For the little Einsteins in the house, the Young Scientist Online Badge Scheme offers more than 10 series of curated activities and Young Scientist Badges to collect across the board. So keep that brain working and earn all the badges on offer.

11. Explore The World With Sky Scanner

Travel the world virtually with Skyscanner’s Play Packs that allow families to share travel experiences, discover other cultures, and teach children more about the different countries around the world.

12. National Geographic Kids

Nat Geo Kids is a great app to learn more about animals, science, history, and geography through a series of videos, quizzes and factsheets. The bite-sized information will make your child aware of the different global issues.

13. Join A Sesame Street Playdate

The famous TV series for children is now available online in collaboration with the Caring for Each Other initiative. The playdate offers children to adapt to the norms of playful learning with free e-books and activity pages. There’s also a virtual playdate with Elmo and his friends on HBO GO until mid-June.

14. Play Online Games With Elmo

Games, videos and art, there’s plenty to choose from and keep your kid engaged.

15. Learn New Dance Moves On TikTok

Try to lip-sync to a new song or try one of the dance challenges on TikTok, there’s plenty to try.

16. Watch Animated Movies & Documentaries

Streaming platforms like Netflix offer the option of a kids’ profile that brings a number of animated movies, documentaries and kid-friendly content. Let your child explore the complete library.

17. Try Geniebook

Targeted at older kids in primary and secondary standards, don’t miss out on academics while at home. Try Geniebook that live-streams lessons based on the latest syllabus from the Ministry of Education (MOE). It also offers worksheets and lessons, which help in continuing the learning process.

18. Try Duck Learning

For the little ones, try Duck Learning that offers interactive lessons around the world of engineering and design. You also get coding courses introducing your child to programming. Kids can also try their hands at animation, as well as edutainment games through guided tutorials. They will also get a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

19. Try Ken Burns In The Classroom

A filmmaker and historian, Ken Burns has an expansive database of documentaries and videos on different subjects offering extensive insight into the era gone by. Targeted older children, it’s fun way to know about global history in a more palatable way.

20. Gallery Children’s Biennale

National Gallery’s popular Gallery Children’s Biennale returns for its third edition. This time, it arrives in a “phygital” format featuring nine commissioned artworks by local and international artists. Both children and parents can look forward to a series of exciting programs that include captivating storytelling sessions, interactive movement exercises, parent-child sound exploration workshops and more.

21. National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore has curated a collection of digital programs that promise to bring you through the museum and our special exhibitions – Home, Truly and Picturing the Pandemic.

22. Saturday’s Surprisingly Super-Duper Lesson Concert

The concert is an adaptation of a book by Jolene Tan and Isabella Tong. The book tells the story of Aish, who’s cooped up in a classroom solving a math problem when her doodles come to life. The concert will be available from May 29, till June 19, 2021.

23. Take A Password Tutorial

Teach your kids how to make strong passwords using Interland’s Tower of Treasure game and learn about how to make a strong password along the way.

24. Learn About The Internet With An Interactive Game

Interland is an online game that makes learning about internet safety and citizenship fun in an interactive format. Try it online and learn more about the internet.

25. Try Kids Space

The app is a tablet experience designed specifically for kids, recommending quality content based on interests they choose, all centred on a character they create.

online fun activities for kids
online fun activities for kids

Image Source: Pexels

26. Print Colouring Pages

Okay, this is not exactly an online activity but relatable. Print out different colouring pages and have some zen colouring time. Adults too should try this and enjoy the therapeutic exercise.

27. Use The Focus Mode

Most Android phones come with a focus mode that temporarily blocks the apps of your choice so that you can concentrate on the task at hand. A good idea for children when online learning is the norm.

28. Try Arts & Culture

Explore over 2000 museums online with Google’s Arts & Culture page that offers access to museums from across the world.

29. Teach Your Child Powerpoint

A boon or bane of adult life, it can be a fun tool for your kids. Encourage them to make presentations on the things they like for some practice before the corporate life kicks in.

30. Make Some Music With Chrome Music Lab

Think your child has a knack for music, explore it online with the Chrome Music Lab that offers a host of web-based apps for kids to make music on their own. It’s also simple enough for kids with no prior experience to try it out.

31. Try Online Yoga Classes

Channels like Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube offer a host of exercises and positions to try at home. It will also help them explore their mental health with Yoga sessions.

31. Teach Your Child How To Draft An Email

A life skill in the truest sense, use the good old Gmail to teach your child about drafting an email and for professional activities. Would be a great learning tool as kids start to apply for college.

32. Try New Camera Apps

There are several camera apps available on the PlayStore that enhance your ability to take pictures. Try those out and also learn the basics of photography.

33. Try Online Photo Editing Tools

Lights and shadows, saturation, colour balance, colour correction, and more, there’s so much to learn about photos. Let your child try out editing online and enhance existing photos.

34. Teach Your Kids About Dangers Of Phishing Websites

While it may not be the ideal online fun activities for kids, children do fall prey to phishing websites as much as adults. So make sure you educate them about the warning sites of a phishing website and how to avoid them.

35. Play Geoguessr

The online game is a great way to learn about geography and uses Google Street View images and mechanics to help you discover new parts across the globe.

36. Use Augmented Reality

Several apps allow you to try cool stuff with augmented reality. Land the Apollo 11 in your living room or park a car in the bedroom, there’s plenty to explore.

37. Try Different Podcasts

Don’t stop at e-books and videos, podcasts are a hidden world of their that you must explore and learn from.

38. Try Multi-player Games Online

Games like chess, pool, checkers are some of the best online fun activities for kids you introduce them to. It randomly connects you with people from other corners of the world and lets you learn new tricks from other players. It is safe as well.

39. Play I Spy Virtually

Play I Spy with some great work of art. Cast it on the TV so all members of the family can try.

40. Play Games Together

Join your kids in gaming and help your children understand the good and bad of your child’s gaming habits.

41. Learn About Nature Conservation

You can try online fun activities where kids can learn about nature conservation and discover the wonders of nature. This is more interactive than Animal Planet.

online fun activities for kids
online fun activities for kids

Image courtesy: iStock

42. Experience Virtual Reality

VR is super cool and gives a first-person view of things. Explore different VR videos and learn something new.

43. Try Art Transfer

The Art Transfer apps lets you turn your photos into digital works of art. Turn your child’s art pieces into the styles of van Gogh or Kandinsky.

44. Teach Your Child To Identify Fake News

Fake news is a major concern globally and the earlier kids learn about identifying fake news from authentic ones, the better it is. Help them identify different authentic news stories and they will develop the habit of reading news every day.

45. Try Zoom Family Meet-up

Catch up with friends and family on group calls via Zoom or Microsoft Team Meetings. You can also play online games

46. Try Online Quizzes

Several apps offer online quizzes that will test your general knowledge. Give it a shot.

47. Try The Family Calendar

Keep track of everyone’s schedule in the house with online Family calendar. Set up a family site so kids can enter their details, and so do the adults, and each of you knows all the schedules and events in the family. No missing out on your child’s sports day.

48. Try Apps For Clear Speech

Several apps allow you to record your voice and help clear the speech, which in turn is a big help when public speaking. Kids can easily access the app and see where they are going wrong.

49. Try Food Recipes Online

A mix of the online and offline world, try making food recipes by watching the process online. Let the kids try it out on their own under your supervision and explore their creative side in the kitchen.

50. Try Art And Crafts Out Of Waste

The 5-minute crafts sometimes leave you in awe. Can you replicate it? Now’s the time to not only watch those videos but try them at home too.

51. Take A Break

And finally, make sure to take a digital time-out from time to time in real-life.


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