50 Cent urges spring breakers to go home amid coronavirus pandemic

50 Cent

50 Cent has urged spring breakers across the U.S. to return to their families and stay indoors amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) continue to advise people to practice social distancing and stay at home in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19, rapper 50, real name Curtis James Jackson III, told The Wall Street Journal magazine that "there are no safer options out here".

"There's not much. I guess when I want to go to the gym I'll go to a track and I'll just run outside. Still, you know what they say, keep your social distance. Being conscious of that," he explained.

The Power star went on to encourage fans to be mindful of their fitness while under self-quarantine, adding: "A lot of people are not making adjustments, so they're just going to sit home and they're going to get fat. They'll get fat."

And the 44-year-old also had some choice words to those ignoring health officials and taking to the beaches of Florida, despite being told to stay inside and avoid large social gatherings.

"People don't hear alarms, they only see fires," he said. "A lot of them on South Beach and stuff like that - when they go out they're only thinking about, 'It's spring break. It's my time to have fun,' instead of considering what's really going on right now.

"Go home so you can have another spring break at some point!" the star pleaded. "Do you want this to be your last spring break?! What the f**k, bro? It's not safe, I don't understand."

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