50 Cent calls out actor Jackie Long for owing him money

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent has started another public spat over money - this time with actor and producer Jackie Long.

Late last month (Apr19), the In Da Club hitmaker launched a vicious online tirade against Randall Emmett, a producer on his TV show Power, with Emmett repaying a loan made by the star in full following the successful shaming campaign.

The hip-hop star has now turned his attention to the Games People Play actor for allegedly owing him money, a claim Jackie disputes.

"This punk a*s n**ga @jackielong better give me my money. You on BET now you can have mine by Monday fool," he wrote on Instagram besides a picture of Jackie, who responded in the comments with, "N**ga I gave you 250k you b**ching about what n**ga ?"

The rapper replied, "Jackie interest Jackie you gotta pay me, puff was gonna kill you fool. I saved your life."

Jackie also shared a picture of 50, real name Curtis Jackson, on his Instagram page, and continued to insist that he has already paid him back in full.

"@50cent if you give me money and I give right back what the f**k you mad about. Get the f**k outta here !!!" he added in the caption, prompting actor Nick Cannon to post in the comments section urging Jackie not to let the artist bully him.

The Power star then began to take aim at Jackie's friends and supporters, telling The Wire actor Hassan Johnson: "He owe me money, now you owe me too. If he don't pay you gonna pay Monday."

Ray J also showed his support for Jackie on Instagram, and 50 responded by posting a picture of Ray and Jackie and referencing Ray's infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian in the caption.

"@rayj putting up pictures of this n**ga he owe me money. I’m not like you ray you let @kimkardashian run off wit all the f**king money. mind ya business man (sic)," he added.

He then turned on Nick Cannon for his earlier comment and asked him to "stay outta my business punk," which caused the Wild 'n Out star to respond by sharing a throwback photo of the duo with the caption, "I’m glad I’m rich enough not to owe this N**ga no money!!!"

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