50 Best is launching ‘The World’s 50 Best Hotels’ this September

After restaurants and bars, 50 Best is now turning to the hotel industry. Last night, the world-renowned awards revealed that the first edition of ‘The World’s 50 Best Hotels’ will take place in September 2023.

The idea behind the creation of ‘The World’s 50 Best Hotels’ annual ranking list is to laud the best hotel experiences and provide the best venues around the world as voted for by a panel of 580 global industry experts.

The upcoming annual list will join ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ and ‘The World’s 50 Best Bars’ as 50 Best’s flagship rankings.

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All about The World’s 50 Best Hotels list

How is the list created and who are the voters?

The World’s 50 Best Hotels' List
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The list is created by ‘The World’s 50 Best Hotels’ Academy — a balanced mix of anonymous voters in the industry that include seasoned luxury travellers, hoteliers, educators, hospitality professionals and travel journalists. These anonymous voters of the Academy are selected by a group of industry-leading Academy Chairs across nine global regions.

Who are the Academy Chairs?

The Academy Chairs comprise nine extremely experienced journalists from the field of travel and hotel business. They include Cecilia Núñez (Academy Chair for Latin America, inc. Caribbean), Danielle Demetriou (Academy Chair for Japan and South Korea), Kee Foong (Academy Chair for China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), Jeninne Lee-St John (Academy Chair for Southeast Asia), Isabella Sullivan (Academy Chair for Middle East & Africa), Michael Harden (Academy Chair for Oceania), Yolanda Edwards (Academy Chair for US and Canada), Zinara Rathnayake (Academy Chair for South Asia) and Lauren Ho (Academy Chair for Europe).

The Inauguration of ‘The World’s 50 Best Hotels’ List

As the world recovers from the Pandemic, 50 Best feels it is the perfect time to release the rankings of the fifty best hotels across the globe. The annual list by will be declared at a much-awaited awards ceremony.

A selection of special awards announced in the prior weeks will lead to the inaugural event in September 2023.

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