Top 5 tips to look slimmer on your wedding day

Look slimmer on your wedding day by wearing heels
Look slimmer on your wedding day by wearing heels

Buy the right underwear

You will never regret buying decent underwear at the best of times, but having a bra that fits and supports you, as well as undergarments that pull in any less firm bits and flatten out any lumps and bumps are your best ally to a slimmer looking you. Finding a bra that will work with your wedding dress can be a bit of a challenge for many brides – bra straps and exposed backs or shoulders as we know don't really mix, leaving you at the mercies of strapless bras. A poor fitting strapless bra is about as useful as a drunken groomsman, so be sure to get measured and invest in a supportive style. You don't want to spend your wedding reception fantasising about ripping your bra off. But besides offering all-important comfort, the right bra can help you look slimmer instantly. If your wedding gown is fitted below your waist (such as a mermaid gown), investing in some really good shapewear will also give you an instant nip and tuck.

Buy the right wedding dress for your shape

Purchasing the right wedding gown for your body shape is easily the best way to look your slimmest on your big day. Just as the wrong gown can be extremely unflattering, the right gown will make you look a million dollars – and hopefully a lot slimmer too. Understanding whether you're an hourglass, apple, pear, inverted triangle or athletic body shape will help you enhance your best bits and hide any other parts you're less happy about. Bridal shop assistants know their stuff so be sure to quiz them on the types of dresses that flatter certain body shapes. They will have seen their fair share of brides’ bottoms, busts and bellies to know which dresses flatter which shape.

Keep your back straight

There is a reason why girls sent to finishing school back in the day were taught to walk around with books on their heads – it makes your figure look its best! Slouching does nothing for your breasts, makes your stomach stick out like a pot belly, and is downright unflattering. Try to remember to stand up as straight as possible throughout your big day, particularly during photographs, keep your shoulders back and your head high. Don’t do this in a way that it makes you uncomfortable though, as you’ll look unnatural and awkward – the opposite of what a bride should be.

Wear heels

It’s no secret that even the most beautiful models are airbrushed and digitally altered to make their legs look longer, slimmer and more toned. Generally, the taller you are, the slimmer you look. And while airbrushing your wedding photos isn’t a smart move, you can still achieve this look on your wedding day by donning some high heels. If you're worried about getting tired feet, try platforms to give you overall height without that extreme height difference between the heel and the ball of your foot. You can buy all sorts of gel cushions, insoles and tape to avoid burning soles or stinging blisters, so you can wear your high heels with confidence.

Prepare your pose

Have you ever noticed that when celebrities get their photos taken on the red carpet, they consistently pose with one hand on their hip and their other arm away from their body? Try this pose in the mirror at home – with your bridesmaids, so they can give you advice. Your arm will look far slimmer held away from your body rather than pressed up against it. This might take a bit of getting used to until it feels natural, but holding your arms ever so slightly away from your body (especially in your wedding photos) will make you look far slimmer. Add a flattering backward lean and you’ll shrink your waist and elongate your torso and limbs too. Read more on
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