5 Things To Teach Your Kids About Labour Day 2021

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Today Labour Day has become an holiday to gather your family and friends and have fun. You line up exciting activities for your kids to ensure that the holiday doesn’t go to waste. But, Labour Day actually holds a deeper meaning and it is much more than just a holiday.

As Singapore celebrates May Day tomorrow, here’s what to teach your children about labour day 2021.

What To Teach Your Children About Labour Day 2021

Every year on May 1, Singapore and the world celebrates Labour Day as a mark of solidarity with workers. It is the day that commemorates an eight-hour day for workers.

Due to this significance, it makes for the perfect day to teach your kids about its history and the value of hard work.

1. History of Labour Day

The celebration of Labour Day in Singapore as a public holiday began only in 1960 after the People’s Action Party came into power.

Prior to this, it was only workers defined under the Labour Ordinance 1955 and industrial clerks under the Labour Ordinance 1955, who were given paid holidays. May Day has also long been a focal point for demonstrations by various communist, socialist, and anarchist groups.

Over the years as labour relations improved, this day became an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the trade unions. As well as to highlight the message that in a just society, labourers are not exploited.

2. Why its a holiday in Singapore?

The Government of Singapore had intended for it to be a day set aside in honour of workers and their contributions to the country.

Being a holiday, it becomes easier for workers to come together to celebrate their hard work.

But, unlike other public holidays, only schools and government institutions close down for business. Most shops remain open during Labour Day in Singapore.

There are some that even offer Labour Day promotions and hence it can be a great day to do some shopping.

3. How it teaches us to respect workers

what to teach about labour day 2021
what to teach about labour day 2021

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Explain to your children that Labour Day is a special holiday to commemorate all the different workers who help us
. It is important to teach them core value of respecting everybody so you can later teach them about the dignity of labour.

If you have domestic maids at your home, your kids need to be taught how to address them respectfully. Instilling good values should begin from home and at an early age.

4. Why every job is equal

what to teach about labour day 2021
what to teach about labour day 2021

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You may noticed your child wanting to be a mechanic or cleaner or a driver. Never discourage them by addressing these jobs as menial. Instead, teach them about the importance of these jobs and how they contribute to the society. For instance, tell them if the cleaner didn’t come for a week, the road in front of your house would begin to get dirty.

Avoid attaching stigma to any job.

Talk to them about your as well as your partner’s job. Educate them about the different kinds of job and how each one is important.

5. Importance of treating every human equally

Teach your kids to treat everybody equally. Just because your child has the luxury of spending on toys and fancy items or eating at fancy restaurants, he or she shouldn’t treat those who can’t– unfairly.

Introduce them to the joy of sharing and instil the value of charity and how it helps spread joy to those who are not as fortunate.

At this time where there is pain and suffering across the world, teach your child to spread love. Let’s all pledge to make the world a better place for our children – one that is devoid of hatred and animosity!

We wish all our readers-a Happy Labour Day 2021!

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