5 ‘Small’ Things Wives Must Ignore About Their Husbands

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Marriage isn’t always going to be a swift ride. There are bound to be a few bumps along the way. Aside from happiness and amusement, couples can also have feelings of frustration and anger towards each other. But it’s also important to know how to not let these things bother you.

Incidentally, as a wife there are aspects you can choose to ignore, in particular things about your husband.

5 Things Wives Should Ignore About Their Husband

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1. Your husband’s past relationships

It might be hard to move on from the past but it never solves anything to dwell on things that have been over for a long time. As the saying goes, past is past and constantly bringing up your husband’s ex will only leave you both distressed.

Keep in mind that in the end, he chose you. So no matter how deep or important his relationship was with his past lovers, it shouldn’t bother you after everything. Especially if you yourself had your own exes that meant a lot to you.

Choose to love just as he chose you.

2. When your husband says hurtful things when they’re mad or frustrated

Anger can cause us to spew out things we don’t really mean but are just too overwhelmed with the intent to hurt with words. You might say some really hurtful things to your partner when frustration builds up. But as a couple, you need to learn to talk it out once either of you has calmed down.

You won’t be able to resolve the problem or move on if you respond angrily at your husband. Try to understand the situation from their point of view as well. Once this tension is out, you can approach your partner who in turn may realise his own mistake.

how to not let things bother you in a relationship
how to not let things bother you in a relationship

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3. Forgetting about birthdays or anniversaries

We admit, it does suck when someone you care about forgets your birthday. And with anniversaries, it might make you feel like the other party doesn’t care about your relationship as much as you do. But you should know that this is definitely not the case and sometimes a person just really isn’t good with remembering dates.

Your partner may just be more concerned with how to take care of your family and choose to remember things that make you or the kids happier.

Instead of feeling frustrated silently, you can speak to him about how much these days mean to you. You can also communicate to him how you would like him to put more effort into remembering.

4. Sometimes he doesn’t pay attention when you talk

Just as you have your own concerns, your husband may have his own as well. So when you find how indifferent he is while you’re talking, try not to immediately feel hurt when they don’t pay attention.

None of us really know what goes on in other person’s minds, but what we can do is let them know that they can openly talk about whatever is bothering them. It’s natural for some of us to become too engrossed with our own thoughts that we end up being unable to fully comprehend when someone is talking to us.

Remember that communication is key and if the other end just appears to temporarily have a bad connection at the moment, give them space to sort out their own thoughts before getting back to them. This can be one of the primary things in how to not let things bother you in a relationship.

5. Complains about your shopping

There’s no qualm in spoiling yourself every now and then for some needed self-love. While your partner might start to nag you for buying so much or spending too long when shopping, remind not only him but for yourself as well that you don’t always get to indulge in things that make you feel good.

Your husband probably only means well when he advises you to shop less. But don’t feel so guilty when you want to buy things you want and need. Let him know that you are spending wisely and he shouldn’t have to worry about the occasional shopping spree.


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