5 Parenting Principles That Promise To Make Your Child Successful

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Let’s take some of the most exceptional individuals on the planet. Global icons like Elon Musk, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi or Maria Sharapova, all of having had one thing in common – they started training early.

These stars developed their exceptional skills right from a young age, which has helped them maximise the potential as adults.

Due credit also needs to go to their parents who’ve made an exceptional contribution of time, resources and effort in helping these individuals hone their skills as children.

Kids are able to thrive when you provide the right environment and motivate them to do better. Experts suggest parenting principles play an extremely important role in shaping up a child’s mental, physical, and social potential.

That’s why we’ve listed five parenting principles that parents can follow to raise successful children.

5 Parenting Principles That Help Raise Successful Children

1. Push your child to play to their strengths

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The first step to realising your child’s success is understanding his strengths. One of the most common factors behind successful children has been their parent’s ability to recognise that talent.

Lewis Hamilton began karting age of eight years, while Lionel Messi began playing football at the age of four. Both personalities today are at the top of their game.

Both also had supportive parents helping them to advance their skills at every stage. Their parents identified this skill and then build on it.

Every child has a special skill. Some have a creative streak like dancing, singing or painting, while others are good at academics. As parents, you need to encourage your child’s natural aptitude and help them build upon their innate talents.

2. Encourage self-confidence

Tesla and SpaceX co-founder Elon Musk often credits his mum for his astronomical success (get it?). Not only Elon, but Maye Musk has raised three extraordinary children, all of whom are successful in their respective domains.

Elon says he learnt four things from his mum including independence, entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, and fearlessness. The skills are self-explanatory and go on to show why the entrepreneur is super successful today.

Helping your child build confidence and self-worth is the most formative step you can take to make them happy and successful.

While resources may fall short but confidence can often lead them to dream big and work hard despite setbacks.

3. Be in it for the long haul

parenting principles
parenting principles

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Parents need to be in this for the long haul and that includes being constantly supportive and always encouraging hard work. They need to devote time and effort through the years to ensure the kids are on the right track.

That was the case with tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams, who not only were exceptional players but also trained hard under the purview of their father to win big in the game.

4. Be patient

The difference between a parent and a dictator is that the former will be patient with their child. Your little one isn’t a bank deposit that you plan to cash in after it matures. He is your offspring and you want your child’s talents to be nurtured.

But do remember that your child is still a ‘child.’ They can be a handful at times and will need their parent as much as a life coach. That’s why patience is one of the parenting principles that differentiate good parents from toxic ones.

Parents are the child’s early mentors, coaches and teachers, who can support and nurture the child’s mental and emotional growth.

It’s also necessary that you develop curiosity and the ability to learn new things with your children. Children who are curious about new things have a growth mindset that will only help them learn and sometimes unlearn things to move forward in life.

5. Promote specialisation early on

parenting principles
parenting principles

Image Source: Pexels

Parents who raise successful children are known to take a specialist approach and encourage the child towards honing that one special skill.

Early specialisation does not mean that your child does only one thing 24×7. Instead, it’s about keeping the focus on one talent, while also dabbling in other activities.

For instance, a child who is exceptional at sports also needs to be fairly good at academics and even art, to help blow off steam.

Sure, the child prodigy is destined to make it big in football, but the other activities will help in improving social skills.


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