How These 5 Local Celebrity Parents Are Ensuring Quality Education For Their Kids

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Just like any regular parent, these local celebrities also want the absolute best for their children and this includes providing them with quality education. This is, of course, to ensure that they gain knowledge and develop their skills for a brighter future.

To give you an insight into how these hardworking celeb parents help their kids strive and give them a head start in life, we take you through their all-round plan.

These are the most important steps they have taken to ensure quality education that also aids in performative personality development of their little ones.

Why Is Quality Education Important: These Celeb Parents Show Us

1. Diana Ser

Image source: Instagram / dianaserlye

Being bilingual herself, celebrity mum Diana Ser has expressed the importance of mastering more than one language and how it can benefit a child in the future. In a past interview with theAsianparent, Diana shared with us some helpful tips on how she supports her kids to learn new languages as well as how she helped her kids prepare for the year-end exams.

If you’re interested in letting your child learn a new language, Diana advises being consistent with “exposure and practice.” She believes that a minimum of two exposures a week is needed to master a language. Putting in the effort to continuously practice is also essential to languages, especially with challenging ones like Chinese, which Diana admits each stroke of a character is a lot of hard work.

“I think when you pick up a language, you will naturally pick up the values from that culture. So whether it is Mandarin—because ethnically I am Chinese—or Japanese, Thai, Tagalog, Malay, or any of the Southeast Asian languages, you will naturally pick up the values,” she shares.

As for exams, when her daughter was getting ready for the PSLE, Diana noted the importance of focusing on the end goal of the exam. She also added that these tests allow kids to apply their learnings. This also lets the child work on areas that need improvement, instead of being “hung up” on the results.

Diana also encourages her children’s interests in reading by allowing them to read age-appropriate classic novels. She also suggested getting them “hooked” on the movies before introducing the book version of the material.

2. Allan Wu

Image source: Instagram / wulander

While helping his daughter get into a prestigious school, actor Allan Wu made sure to be involved by learning more about the university. But even when he believed that it was the right place for her, he still gave his daughter the option to decide for herself.

“From there, we both learned more about Crimson Education and the services it provided so Sage and I decided to work with them. At the moment, Crimson Education is helping Sage figure out what subjects and topics she enjoys in school and then consulting with her on a recommended path over the coming years to hopefully stand out in her field of choice,” the celebrity dad tells us in a recent interview.

With his daughter Sage’s interest in a wide array of subjects from computer science, graphic design to even sports, Allan says he will be supportive in whatever she chooses to do.

However, he adds, as long as she “understands the gravity of her choices and experiences now so she can discover what she really enjoys doing and eventually make a life and career out of it.”

3. Jacelyn Tay

why is quality education important
why is quality education important

Image source: Instagram / jaceyln_tay

Those who have been up to date with Jacelyn Tay probably know how much a “little Einstein” her son Zavier is. She’s often shared with her fans online that he is a curios child and conducts little experiments on the regular.

But as long as her son doesn’t mess with her stuff, Jacelyn is open to learning about his latest discoveries. She also often shares how proud she is of her son and how he continues to impress her with his bright mind.

She has also expressed in the past how she wants Zavier to be aware of his rights as a human and become a strong adult. Jacelyn shares that she even encourages him to make decisions even at his young age as long as he can “take responsibility for his own decisions.”

“Dream, but be realistic in realising your dream. If not, the dream remains a dream. That is life, my son,” writes Jacelyn in an Instagram post. Her style of parenting clearly focusses on her son’s all-round development, and we’re all for it.

4. Zoe Tay

Image source: Instagram / zoeytay10

Being a loving mother to her sons, it was not too long ago when veteran actress Zoe Tay stepped back from acting to help them prepare for their examinations. She has also shown just how important it is that her sons get quality education by enrolling them on extra tuition classes and even closely assesses their progress.

Despite being a bit strict with them, Zoe is dedicated to instilling positive values in her sons. She teaches them to be more conscious of the things around them and encourages them to focus on daily acts of kindness.

5. Jamie Yeo

why is quality education important
why is quality education important

Image source: Instagram / iamjamieyeo

Even with such a busy schedule, celebrity mum Jamie Yeo does her best to raise her two kids. While working hard to pursue her own passions in life, Jamie also encourages her children to pursue theirs.

In an interview with theAsianparent, she tells us just that her daughter Aly is passionate about public speaking. She shares how, “She likes ‘vlogging,’ I’ve seen videos she recorded on her iPad, and she enjoys doing things like that, especially when it’s for my work—she gets very excited.”

But she adds that while it might be her daughter’s passion, she still reminds her of the importance of her studies. This, so she has “something to fall back on.”

We love the way these celeb mums and dads are working towards an all-round development of their children and of course, on quality education! More power to these hardworking parents.


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