5 fun Instagram filters and games to help you overcome the WFH blues

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle

You may be running out of ideas to keep yourself entertained while maintaining social distancing at home, but we reckon there are many ways to have fun with your friends (virtually).

There are plenty of new Instagram filters that have been making the rounds on our newsfeed, and it’s a fun way to compete and engage with your friends and online audience.

But before you start playing these games, make sure you’ve updated your Instagram account to the latest version or you won’t be able to access them. Turn on your camera in Instagram, click on Browse Effects, and search for some of the games mentioned below.

Yahoo AR Run. (PHOTO: Yahoo Lifestyle SEA)

1. Yahoo AR Run

If you’re a couch potato and running is your Kryptonite, this Yahoo AR Run is just for you. 

Without using your legs, tilt your head left to right to control the movements. Using your mouth, open it wide to gain speed momentum, and to collect stopwatches along the way to boost your time.

Don’t forget to avoid the obstacles by tilting left and right. Now let’s see how silly you look with screenshots! At the end of the game, it will show you your score. Now try beating your friends online!

To start the game, access the social media links below or scan the Facebook or Instagram QR code to play Yahoo #ARRun game.

Think you got what it takes to achieve the highest score? Play either the Facebook or Instagram game and then refer to our Facebook or Instagram Page to join the contest. Terms and conditions apply.

  1. If you are unable to open the Yahoo AR Run filter, try to update Facebook/Instagram app to the latest version

  2. If an error occurs, it is recommended to exit the app/game, scan the QR code again or click the link to restart the AR Game

  3. Recommended device:

    IOS: iPhone 6S equivalent or higher

    Android: Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z2 equivalent or higher

Instagram QR code

Insta AR Run. (PHOTO: Yahoo)

Facebook QR code

Facebook AR Run. (PHOTO: Yahoo)

2. Draw in 5 Seconds

Draw in 5 seconds. (PHOTO: Instagram screenshot)

Imagine ‘drawing’ with just using your nose as a pointer. Yep, good luck with that. 

You’ll be given a random object to draw in just five seconds! Try not to giggle as you attempt this, we dare you.

3. Watermelon Game

Watermelon game. (PHOTO: Instagram screenshot)

If you love watermelon as much as we do, then ‘eating’ watermelon virtually shouldn’t be a problem for you. 

The brainchild of user @cchoommm,  this game uses your mouth to ‘eat’ as many watermelon slices as possible - you’ll be able to see the number of slices you’ve gobbled.

4. Skateboard Blinking

Skateboard Blinking. (PHOTO: Instagram screenshot)

This shouldn’t be too difficult we reckon; just blink to kick your skateboard over obstacles and check out your score at the end of your game. 

5. Which character are you?

Which character are you? (PHOTO: Instagram screenshot)

Cartoon Network has created its own game filter featuring animated characters from their shows. 

Just press and hold the middle button until a character pops up - this writer played and got a Power Puff girl! Share the video on your Instagram Story and invite your friends to do the same!