5 Fengshui Tips To Improve Your Child’s Academic Luck

Master Goh Guan Leong
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As parents, do you sometimes struggle with the responsibility of raising your child and providing him/her with good education? On one hand, we all want our children to grow up healthy and happy. On the other, we would stress over their academic performance.

Well, there are ways to enhance your child’s academic luck so as to make the learning journey smoother and more enjoyable for both your child and you.

Read on for some easy home fengshui tips by Master Goh Guan Leong!

Suitable Colours For Children’s Bedroom Or Study Room

feng shui rules for house
feng shui rules for house

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Children tend to be active and energetic. Some are more so than others; this applies especially to those who are born during May, June, July or October. With the excess energy, these children are often restless and easily frustrated, inevitably affecting their studies and interpersonal relationships.

Does your child lose focus or patience easily? Master Goh encourages the use of the colour blue as the main theme for your child’s bedroom and study room.

Associated with the Water Element, blue represents wisdom and serenity, which can have a calming effect on the impatient little ones.

Apply The Theory Of Yin Yang

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The theory of Yin Yang lies at the heart of fengshui philosophy, and you can apply it to your child’s living spaces to help boost his/her luck. To do so, lighting is of utmost importance.

If the lighting is too bright, it may cause your child to lose focus easily and be impatient. If the lighting is too dim, it may lead to lethargy. As such, the brightness should be at a comfortable level – not too glaring, not too dim.

Avoid Placing Electronic Items In The Children’s Bedroom

Another piece of home fengshui advice by Master Goh is to put away electronic items such as the television or computer. Such devices can affect the magnetic field of the bedroom, and affect your child’s sleep and concentration.

Locate The Wen Chang Sector/Direction

Many of you may be familiar with Wen Chang – the star of academics, which can be used to enhance learning capability and judgement. In addition to displaying the Wen Chang Pagoda, parents can consider locating the Wen Chang sector or direction (please see table below) and position your study room or study desk in accordance. This will be helpful to your child’s studies and judgment skills. This applies to adults in the household too!

How To Improve Your Children’s Luck Besides Applying Home Fengshui?

feng shui rules for house
feng shui rules for house

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All children learn differently, and it is important for parents to identify the right learning method to help our children learn easier. While home fengshui can help to create a more conducive learning environment, you may want to take a step further and evaluate your child’s Bazi.

Based on your child’s birth date, an in-depth Bazi analysis by a professional fengshui practitioner can reveal your child’s personality and areas of concern. This will allow parents to better understand the inherent traits of your child and find the most suitable learning method for him/her.


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