5 facts about the new season of The Files Of Young Kindaichi

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From left to right: Taisho Iwasaki as Ryuta Saki, Moka Kamishiraishi as Miyuki Nanase, Shunsuke Michieda as Hajime Kindaichi, Ikki Sawamura as Isamu Kenmochi in The Files Of Young Kindaichi. (Photo: Instagram/kindaichi_5)
From left to right: Taisho Iwasaki as Ryuta Saki, Moka Kamishiraishi as Miyuki Nanase, Shunsuke Michieda as Hajime Kindaichi, Ikki Sawamura as Isamu Kenmochi in The Files Of Young Kindaichi. (Photo: Instagram/kindaichi_5)

The Files Of Young Kindaichi follows the story of the titular character Hajime Kindaichi. He is a high school student and private detective with an IQ of 180. Using clever deductions to decipher clues, he solves complex murder cases that even the police cannot handle. Kindaichi works alongside his childhood friend Miyuki Nanase and police chief inspector Isamu Kenmochi.

The first of the nine episodes is now on Disney+. Here's what to know about this well-loved Japanese mystery drama.

1. It is one of the few J-dramas on Disney+

Disney+ may have been expanding their Korean titles recently, but they sure did not forget those of us who love Japanese dramas. The Files Of Young Kindaichi is one of the two new J-dramas — the other is Kazunari Ninomiya's My Family — added to the platform. (See the list of other Japanese titles that we've found on Disney+ here.)

The Files Of Young Kindaichi is still airing in Japan, and it's almost reaching the season finale. Some may find it disappointing that the episodes are not as updated on Disney+. To make things worse, we have to undergo the weekly torturous waiting for new episodes to be available, even if they already aired in Japan weeks ago.

Nowadays, the audience is used to watching K-dramas available as they air in Korea, or at most a few hours after they air in Korea. Therefore, some may find it annoying that J-dramas work differently on video streaming platforms. Undoubtedly, it is something they have to improve on to compete in the global market.

2. It is the fifth season of the series

Most of us would remember KinKi Kids’ Tsuyoshi Domoto as Kindaichi. But did you know that that was a 1995 series? It has since gone through four seasons and a few one-episode TV specials over almost three decades. This 2022 series is the fifth instalment, making it one of the few continually-renewed dramas in Japan.

3. It features an entirely new cast

As a new season, the series stars Naniwa Danshi’s Shunsuke Michieda as Kindaichi, who takes the baton from Hey Say Jump’s Ryosuke Yamada. Previous actors for the role of Kindaichi include Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto and KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi. The eagle-eyed with senses as keen as Kindaichi’s will realise that all of them are from the talent agency Johnny & Associates.

In a way, the new actor marks a new era in the agency as the young blood serves to continue their predecessor’s legacy. The performance of not just Michieda, but also the idol group Naniwa Danshi, who sings the drama’s theme song The Answer, will be one of the highlights in the Japanese entertainment industry.

As for Miyuki Nanase, it is portrayed by the young and rising actress Moka Kamishiraishi. She won the Newcomer of the Year in the 42nd Japan Academy Film Prize for her acting in Kento Yamazaki’s A Forest Of Wool And Steel (2018).

Joining Michieda and Kamishiraishi as Isamu Kenmochi is established actor Ikki Sawamura. Some of his well-known works include the Gokusen series, the Absolute Zero series, and the Doctors: The Ultimate Surgeon series.

4. It will make you say Kindaichi's iconic line

“I will solve this mystery on my grandfather’s name!” The line is so iconic that fans of the series can instinctively feel it coming. The scene, the lines before it and the music all pave the way for it to make its most dramatic appearance. But it is still the crux of the Kindaichi series that it can never do without.

“The mysteries have all been solved.” is another crucial line in the series. Together, they mark the important points of the plot, namely the climax and the resolution. The first shows that Kindaichi is getting serious and bent on finding the perpetrator. The second reveals that he has linked up all the clues, which is also a cue for you to deduce who the murderer is.

These lines may be simple, but they prompt the audience to participate in solving the mystery. In addition to the mind-boggling murder cases, this challenge makes it an interesting and engaging drama that few can surpass.

5. The first episode is a remake

The first episode titled Academy’s Seven Mysteries Murder Case is a remake of the 1995 standalone episode of the same title that stars Domoto. Especially if you have watched the original, you may find the first episode very nostalgic.

Without realising that it is a remake at first, I found the unfolding of events rather predictable. Yet at the same time, I get the feeling that I’ve seen this somewhere. For those who feel the same way, you have your answer here.

Judging from the episode titles revealed on the drama’s Japanese official site, the upcoming episodes should be based on new stories, except episode six and seven titled Hajime Kindaichi’s Murder. The story was part of the second season (1996) that starred Domoto.

With Domoto's portrayal of Kindaichi stuck in my mind, I still think that all the other Kindaichis cannot overcome Domoto’s strong impression. The only one who comes as close is probably Yamada. But we still have eight more episodes to go for Michieda to prove his acting skills.

New episodes of The Files Of Young Kindaichi are available on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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