5 Best Honeymoon Destinations For Adventure-Loving Couples

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Do you know anyone who would pick Singapore as a honeymoon destination? Although Singapore may not be my top pick, there are so many amazing places in the world that I would consider honeymoon-worthy. I am not the most active or outdoorsy person out there, but getting away from the hustle and bustle of concrete urban jungles for a few days sounds like a fantastic idea for people looking for more than just pure relaxation and rest while on their honeymoon. Below are GET.com's top five picks for adventure-loving couples whose priorities include checking off their adventure lists together as Mr and Mrs.

5 Best Honeymoon Destinations For Adventure-Loving Couples

1. Taos, New Mexico

Seeking some adventure in New Mexico? Taos could be your dream destination as an adventure-loving couple. Offering a wide assortment of activities that are sure to give you that coveted adrenaline rush, Taos is basically a thrillseeker's haven. What are some the things you and your honey can do there? List down the following: mountain biking, rock climbing, white water rafting, llama trekking, going on hot air balloon rides and more. A stay at a hotspring resort also sounds like a good idea.

2. Telunas Resorts, Indonesia

Who wouldn't appreciate top notch privacy on their honeymoon? For a trip that isn't too far away from home but still packs a whole lot of fun and excitement, consider heading to Telunas Resorts for your honeymoon. Opt for a stay at Telunas Private Island instead of Telunas Beach Resort for utmost exclusivity and privacy. You and your sweetheart can relax with personalised massage treatments at the overwater spa after spending the day paddle boarding and kayaking in the sea and exploring the lush nature there. Other exciting activities that an adventure-loving couple can partake in include dock and tower jumping, jungle-waterfall trekking, traditional shrimping and fishing and beach sports.

3. El Nido, The Philippines

The Philippines has so much more to offer than Boracay. A spectacular alternative that couples can seriously consider is El Nido. Besides looking like a postcard in real life, this destination is 100% ideal for nature lovers. The lagoons there are a shade of enchanting turquoise-green and you can swim with cute little turtles, explore caves, snorkel and kayak to your heart's content! Of course, you can book a stay at the luxury resorts at El Nido to make your honeymoon even more magical.

4. Rocky Mountains, Colorado

A honeymoon does not always have to be tropical. A winter-themed honeymoon is an excellent idea that you could very well consider for there are so many activities you and your spouse can enjoy together that you can't do in Singapore, such as ice skating, snowmobiling, snowboarding and, of course, skiing. Throw in an evening sleigh ride to up the romance factor! The snowy slopes of Colorado's Rocky Mountains is one such destination.

5. Kauai, Hawaii

If you and your sweetheart consider yourselves the ultimate adventurers and nature lovers, you might want to hike Kauai's north coast and slot in a romantic overnight camping trip to seal the deal. Kauai's north shore is lined with cascading waterfalls, the gorgeous Hanalei Bay and 914.9m-tall cliffs. Don't forget to pamper yourselves with fine dining, rejuvenating spa treatments and a trip to the lush Hanakapi'ai Beach while you are at it. The beauty of Kauai is unreal!

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