5 Actresses Who Used to Be in Girl Groups


Yoon Eun Hye

Before her breakthrough roles in Princess Hours and Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun Hye was a member of Baby V.O.X for 6 years before she moved on to another agency and started her acting career. The group was recognised as one of Korea’s top girl groups but the actress garnered a huge fanbase in Asia even during the early days of the Korean wave. She later ventured into other fields including fashion and directing.

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Hwang Jung Eum

With hit shows coming one after another, Hwang Jung Eum is probably at the peak of her career or even her life as she tied the knot with former professional golfer, Lee Young Don. She was formerly the lead vocalist of girl group Sugar and was active with the band from 2001-2004. After 3 years, she left the group to pursue a solo career in acting and has carved a name for herself after many years of hard work. In 2015, she was listed as one of the top earners in the Korean entertainment industry.

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Oh Yeon Seo

At a tender age of 15, Oh Yeon Seo stepped into entertainment as a member of LUV. However, the band didn’t last long despite its success and disbanded after a year. She continued to pursue an acting career and took on supporting roles before having her big break last year in the family drama Jang Bo Ri is Here! She is also commonly known as Lee Joon’s wife as the couple starred in We Got Married in 2012.

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Jung Ryeo Won

While on a holiday in Korea, the Australian based actress was talent spotted and asked to join Chakra, an Indian-inspired girl group. She gave up her life in Australia and pursued a career as an entertainer but had difficulties adapting. In 2004, the band broke up and she was eventually casted in My Name is Kim Sam Soon after facing failed auditions. Her career took off from there and she has gained recognition through her awards over the years.

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Nam Gyu Ri

The former leader of SeeYa debuted in 2006 but left the band in 2009 after a contractual dispute. She moved to another company to focus on acting career and earned herself a lead role in the all-time popular horror movie, Death Bell. In 2011, she reunited with her band before officially disbanding. She has also participated in drama soundtracks including 49 Days and Fashion King

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