5 Activities Kids Can Try At Home This Racial Harmony Day

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Every July 21, schools and public institutions in Singapore celebrate the country’s history of being a multicultural society.

The day, however, commemorates a dark incident in Singapore’s history, the communal riots of 1964. Nevertheless, the race riots also stand at the centre of the harmony narrative in Singapore, which has since established itself as a multicultural society accepting people of different races and cultures.

Over the years, Singapore’s identity has been that of a melting pot of cultures, traditions and modernity, which makes it one of the most aspirational countries in the world. In fact, the island ranks 11th on the Global Peace Index (GPI), ahead of Japan, Finland, Norway, and other countries.

That’s why the government commemorates the Racial Harmony Day every year that allows students in primary and secondary school to learn about the causes and consequences of conflicts in Singapore.

The schools and institutions also instil racial diversity through fun activities, cultural attires and sharing reflections of the country’s history.

With the pandemic restricting events this year, the schools have scaled down larger events. Instead, parents can plan Racial Harmony Day activities at home to keep kids engaged and ensure they do learn about diversity and its impact on society.

Keeping up with the theme, here are five Racial Harmony Day activities you can try at home this year.

1. Try Food From Different Cultures

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While Singapore is known for its vibrant food choices, it is the country’s diverse nature that also makes it home to so many cuisines from around the world. This Racial Harmony Day, why not try and give different cuisine options a try, instead of the usual meals at home.

  • Look for different recipes that you can prepare at home

  • Plan a trip to a new restaurant that serves different cuisines

  • Explain the history behind different dishes and what makes them special to that particular race

  • You can also set up play dates with parents of other children to cook a variety of cuisine at home

2. Try A New Language

racial harmony day activities
racial harmony day activities

Image Source: Pexels

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. You can’t really learn a new language in one day. But you can attempt to learn a few words from a different language. For instance, learning “Hello” or “Thank you” in Japanese would be “Kon’nichiwa” and “Arigatōgozaimashita” respectively.

You can also try Tamil wherein, “Hello and Thank you,” translate to “Vanakkam and Naṉṟi.”

With people of so many cultures living and working together, learning a different language is actually a great way to experience different cultures and traditions. It opens your mind to different perspectives, history, and heritage. Moreover, when you meet someone from a different culture and wish them in their language, that reaction is priceless.

When you encourage your child to learn different languages, you are preparing them for a more globalised outlook towards life.

3. Try National Museum Of Singapore’s #Musuemfromhome

racial harmony day activities
racial harmony day activities

Image Source: National Museum of Singapore

While visiting public places like the National Museum of Singapore (NSM) may not be best advised even now, residents can bring the museum home with its online initiative. The museum has several online activities for children that are both fun and educational and will help kids learn about the country’s illustrious history. You can try the following activities:

Colouring books and craft activities related to the heritage sights in Singapore
Create performer puppets out of paper and also try paper quilling activities
You can also use clay to celebrate the Duan Wu Jie or Dragon Boat festival

All the instructions and activity kits are available on the National Museum of Singapore’s website and can be downloaded HERE.

You can also turn this into a playdate and get more kids home to make it a fun day for everyone.

4. Watch Movies/Documentaries About Different Local Heritage

Use this day to teach kids about different local heritage and cultures that exist in Singapore.

From Malay to Indians to Eurasians, there’s so much to learn and understand about and there are plenty of movies and documentaries that depict the same.

5. Speak To Kids About Different Races And Cultures

talking to kids about sex
talking to kids about sex

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Sometimes, the simplest things are the most effective. Speak to children about being more welcoming towards people who look different.

It’s also important that you tell kids that it’s good to ask questions and have conversations about other cultures and heritage.

At the same time, parents and teachers should also take the effort to make children understand how to be sensitive when posing such questions to their peers.

For instance, if your child wants to know about a certain Chinese tradition, teach them to politely ask their friend about the same. Kids will be more accepting of the same once they understand what is it.

And that extends to adults as well. Parents need to lead by example when it comes to racial harmony. The way you behave with people from different races, classes and cultures, has a major impact on how your kids see the world.

Do try these racial harmony day activities this year and let us know how did you celebrate your day. Have ideas of your own, do share them with us too.


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