46 Mittsu is back with overstuffed sandwiches including gochujang chicken and fried halloumi

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46 Mittsu is back! After a hiatus, they’ve landed at Everton Park on 6 August 2022 with All-Day Brekkie sandwiches and Lunch Munch that starts from 11am. Their lunch menu currently consists of seven cleverly named sandwiches that all sound equally appealing.

46 Mittsu - A picture of Firebird and Holy Cow

Firebird (S$15) has a Korean spin, where it has gochujang fried chicken, purple slaw and is served with a sunny egg. The sandwich is extremely thick as it has a generous amount of chicken. It has a mix of savoury and spicy, good for fans of Korean spicy chicken.

Holy Cow (S$18) consists of beef chunks tossed in garlic butter and chimi churi sauce, and has cheddar cheese melted on top of a sunny egg. This is definitely an upgrade from the usual cheeseburger, which is definitely seen from the premium price too. It’s one of 46 Mittsu’s iconic sandwiches.

46 Mittsu - A picture of Piggyback and Catfish

Piggyback (S$15) has braised pork along with starfruit achar, which is pickled starfruit. The use of starfruit is interesting and the pickled starfruit helps to cut through the greasiness of the braised pork.

Catfish (S$18) consists of cubes of tuna paired with papaya salad and fried wanton skin. Personally, my favourite part of the wanton is the skin, so this sounds totally appetising. The fattiness of the tuna is evened out with the freshness of the papaya salad, while the fried wanton skin will give a crunch to each bite. This sounds like the perfect sandwich for tuna lovers.

46 Mittsu - A picture of B.E.C and Easy Cheesy

B.E.C (S$14) stands for Bacon, Egg and Cheese, which is one of 46 Mittsu’s original sandwiches. This is kind of like a jazzed up breakfast sandwich, as it consists of savoury bacon, soft scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese. It is topped with a sauce made with mayo and pickles.

Vegetarians too can enjoy this messy delight with Easy Cheesy (S$14), which has fried Jalapeno Halloumi which is a type of cheese, tomatoes, beetroots and avocado. Halloumi is a cheese that’s a popular meat substitute and has a good bite to it. This delicious sandwich will be loved by both vegetarians and omnivores alike.

These sandwiches at 46 Mittsu may have a relatively high price point, but with the quality ingredients used, it is worth every cent.

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