4 Husbands Charged For Allegedly Colluding To Rape Each Other’s Wives

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For allegedly plotting among each other to rape each other’s wives on multiple occasions, four Singaporean men have been hauled to court and charged. husbands charged for rape

The sexual offences were stated to have taken place around 2010 to 2018 in various locations of the north-eastern area of Singapore, including Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats.  

7 Singaporean Men Involved In Sexual Offences

Three other men who are also Singaporean have also been found accused of partaking in the alleged sexual offences involving the women. It is unknown if these three men are married, and their relation to the group of four husbands.  

The seven rape suspects appeared at the district court last month and were denied bail. They will be back in court next month.

Four husbands charged for rape of each others’ wives, including three other men who were accused of the sexual offences. | Photo: iStock

The names of all involved are not revealed due to a gag order to protect the women’s identities. As such, the husbands are named after A, B, C and D, and E, F and G for the other three suspected rape offenders, in detailing the alleged offences. 

Here are the alleged offences


Husbands of the women (A, B, C, D) Other three men involved (E, F, G)

A: 38 years old – seven charges

  • Around 2010: Conspired with D for him to rape a 29-year-old woman 
  • 2012: Raped another woman who was 35 years then, on two occasions
  • 2013: Raped a 36-year-old woman 
  • Around 2013: Teamed up with C for him to rape a 32-year-old woman
  • Around 2014: Teamed up with B for him to rape a 33-year-old woman
  • Around 9 Aug, 2018: Raped a woman who was 42 years old then

B: 41 years old – four charges

  • Around 2012: Teamed with A for him to rape a woman who was 35 years old then, on two occasions
  • Around 2013: Teamed with A for him to rape a 36-year-old woman
  • 2014: Raped a woman who was 33 years then

C: 51 years old – two charges 

2013: Raped and sexually penetrated a 32-year-old woman

D: 43 years old – three charges

  • 2010: Raped a 38-year-old woman
  • 2010: Sexually assaulted another woman who was 29 years old then
  • Around Aug 9, 2018: Teamed with A for him to rape a woman who was 42 years old then

E: 34 years old – three charges

Between 2017 and 2018: Sexually assaulted a 38-year-old woman and raped her on two occasions

F: 41 years old – one charge 

2010: Raped a 29-year-old woman

G: 45 years old – one charge

Sept 1, 2017: Raped a 47-year-old woman




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What charges potential offenders face

Offenders face up to a maximum of 20 years of jail for both rape cases and sexual assault by penetration. 

Caning or a fine can also be imposed. Caning only apply to offenders below the age of 50, as per the law. 

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