4 Genius Ways To Save On Your Travel Bookings

Denise Bay

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Singaporeans adore going on overseas trips and most of us venture abroad a couple of times a year. While seeing the world is awesome and enriching, travel expenses can creep up fast and furious. We at GET.com completely understand if you are looking to shave your travel bills so that you can squeeze in one or two more vacations and that's why we are sharing our own tried-and-tested tips with you below. Bon voyage in advance!

4 Genius Ways To Save On Your Travel Bookings

1. Subscribe to price alerts

Get into the habit of planning your trip in advance because you will have time on your side when hunting down cheap flights. Tickets are usually cheaper the earlier you book ahead of your intended travel dates. The best way to maximise your chances of snagging cheap air tickets is to sign up for price alerts.

Price alerts do what they are supposed to do - they inform you of price drops or increases in flights that you are interested in. Don't belittle them because it is thanks to price alerts that I managed to secure my Singapore-Bangkok-Hokkaido round-trip tickets on Thai Airways for less than $400, taxes and fees included.

2. Use the right travel credit cards

Using the right travel credit card when making your travel bookings and for your purchases abroad can make a big difference. Some cards are better and more rewarding than others, which is why choosing the right travel credit card is crucial. Depending on what you prioritise more, some cards may offer free travel insurance while others may even throw in free VIP airport lounge access in addition to other travel-related perks, cashback, air miles and rewards points. If you travel fairly regularly, definitely take a look at these credit cards that frequent travellers should use overseas.

And whenever possible, remember to enter your frequent flyer program member details when booking flights to earn and accumulate miles. These miles or loyalty points can be used to redeem for award flights, seat upgrades and more.

3. Know that flying budget doesn't have to suck

Budget airlines are increasing in popularity among travellers in Singapore and it's not hard to see why. There are plenty of good reasons why one should fly budget; you pay less and you can reach more and more destinations that are further away from Singapore - what's not to like? For those who are curious, here are the best low-cost airlines in the world that budget travellers adore.

4. Travel light

Whether you are flying budget or on full-service carriers, travelling light sure has its perks. Foremost, travelling light makes getting around easier since you don't have to lug a heavy bag around. Secondly, travelling light helps you save on expenses like checked-in baggage costs (if you are flying on budget carriers) and overweight baggage fees. Not sure how to go about doing it? Here are some ways you can travel light on long trips without leaving anything essential behind.

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