33 Waffle Recipes Worth Waking Up Early For

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What makes a waffle? Is it the iron? For without one, you’re pretty much just looking at a pancake. Is it the batter? What if you put something other than waffle batter into your waffle iron? What if you put a sandwich in there (yep, we’ve done it)? Whatever they are, we’re in LOVE. They’re one of our favorite brunch foods, they make for a great anytime snack, and you can “waffle” almost anything to great effect (think LOTS of crispy corners). Don’t even get us started on the magic combination that is chicken & waffles (we’ve got four recipes here). Check out our best waffle recipes for ideas—dust off that iron and get to wafflin’!

Before we get to all the crazy waffle recipes we bet you’re really here for, you’re going to want to perfect the art of making a classic waffle first. Try our best homemade waffles, our buttermilk waffles, or our Belgian waffles. Our number one tip for all of them: DON'T OVERMIX THE BATTER. Waffle batters should be lumpy when they get poured into waffle makers, never smooth.

Once you’ve got those down, you can pretty much add any flavor you like to a waffle. You could go sweet, like with our pumpkin waffles, our red velvet waffles, or our chocolate chip cookie waffles. More of a savory breakfast person? Try our cornbread waffles, our Parm waffle egg in a hole, or our cauliflower waffles. You could also put things other than waffle batter into your iron, like in our pizza waffles, our mozzarella stick waffles, our omelet waffles, or our waffle iron grilled cheeses. No waffle iron? We got you. Try making our grill pan waffles, or check out one of our recipes that improves upon pre-made freezer waffles, like our waffle breakfast tacos or our chicken n' waffles casserole.

Want more breakfast inspiration? Try our top breakfast casserole recipes, our fun breakfast for dinner ideas, and our favorite brunch cocktails too.

Belgian Waffles

Light, fluffy, and slightly crispy on the outside, these waffles are PERFECT. To make them even more authentic, add crunchy pearl sugar (a European specialty sugar that's more like rock candy than granulated sugar) to the batter.

Get the Belgian Waffles recipe.

belgian waffles

Chicken & Waffles

Making fried chicken and waffles at the same time is quite a feat, but this soul food classic is worth the effort. We think the best course of action is as follows: Get your chicken in a buttermilk brine, whip up your waffles and pop 'em in a 200° oven to stay warm. THEN take out your chicken, bread, and fry. Voilà! Perfectly timed brunch.

Get the Chicken & Waffles recipe.

chicken and waffles

Buttermilk Waffles

The perfect way to begin any day that stretches lazily ahead is with a batch of these tender buttermilk waffles, topped with pats of melty butter and pools of maple syrup. As they cook, the waffles will fill your kitchen with the delicious fragrance of vanilla-scented batter. It's heavenly.

Get the Buttermilk Waffles recipe.

buttermilk waffles

Magic Low-Carb Waffles

We realize that by calling these "magic," they better really deliver—trust us, they do. The batter is basically eggs, mashed bananas, almond butter, and a few tablespoons of flour, so you won't feel like these are weighing you down at all!

Get the Magic Low-Carb Waffles recipe.

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Brandon Bales

Best Homemade Waffles

You've probably heard this a thousand times, but we're going to tell you once more: For the perfect waffles, DON'T OVERMIX THE BATTER. Waffle batters should be lumpy when they get poured into waffle makers, never smooth.

Get the Best Homemade Waffles recipe.

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Jillian Guyette

Banana Bread Waffles

This is our dream breakfast, and surprise, it's made using almost the same exact batter as our favorite banana bread! Don't own a waffle iron yet? Check out our best waffle irons to buy too.

Get the Banana Bread Waffles recipe.

banana bread waffles
Ethan Calabrese

Almond Flour Keto Waffles

Almond flour and Swerve are used in place of flour and sugar in these waffles. (You could also use Stevia.) Almond butter and butter (a full stick!) provide the fat. Remember fat = good on the keto diet. These waffles will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Get the Almond Flour Keto Waffles recipe.

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Chicken & Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

When thinking through how we could perfectly transform chicken and waffles into a perfect sandwich, we knew that just sticking a piece of chicken between two waffles might be a little dry. So we added some ingredients to make a "sauce": runny egg yolk and habanero hot honey. 😍

Get the Chicken & Waffle Breakfast Sandwich recipe.

chicken and waffles breakfast sandwich
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Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese

If you love the crispy cheesy bits of grilled cheeses (and who doesn't?!), you gotta try this genius waffle iron hack.

Get the Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese recipe.

waffle iron grilled cheese

Pumpkin Waffles

Pumpkin puree and ground spices (you could use pumpkin pie spice instead) are the stars in these waffles, providing signature fall-inspired flavors. Though they’re extra crispy on the outside, the inside stays extra tender from the pumpkin puree and buttermilk. Top them with your favorite syrup and enjoy!

Get the Pumpkin Waffles recipe.

pumpkin waffles
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Chicken 'n' Waffles Casserole

Southern chicken & waffles are the BEST, but getting everything out at the same time can be tricky. When you need to feed a crowd quick, use our freezer waffle and breaded chicken hack instead!

Get the Chicken 'n' Waffles Casserole recipe.

chicken and waffle casserole
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Cinnamon Sugar Waffle Dippers

If you're short on time, you could skip the batter-making steps for these churro-inspired dippers and just use a boxed mix. But let it be known that this recipe guarantees fluffy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside waffles. It's really the best!

Get the Cinnamon Sugar Waffle Dippers recipe.

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Pizza Waffles

Pizza bagels are so last year. Instead, put store-bought canned biscuit dough, mozzarella, and pizza sauce (plus pepperoni or whatever your pizza-loving heart desires) into your waffle iron for the easiest pizza twist ever.

Get the Pizza Waffles recipe.

Pizza Waffles Vertical
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Omelet Waffles

Making an omelet is sometimes more than we can handle in the morning. The flipping is hard! Using your waffle maker makes it the easiest thing ever to make yourself an easy, high-protein breakfast.

Get the Omelet Waffles recipe.

omelet waffles
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Grill Pan Waffles

It really burns when a craving for homemade waffles hits, but you don't own a waffle maker. We've got you—your grill pan can make some pretty cool-looking waffles. They still cook up perfectly fluffy and have plenty of ridges for holding extra syrup. It's the perfect breakfast (or dinner 😉).

Get the Grill Pan Waffles recipe.

grill pan waffles
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Tie-Dye Fruity Pebbles-Crusted Waffles

With these tie-dye Belgian waffles, the breakfast classic gets a much-needed makeover—and we’re so here for it. From now on, adding Fruity PEBBLES cereal into the batter, around the sides, and on top of your waffle is a must. Think of it as sweet and fruity confetti (that also adds a super satisfying crunch)!

Get the Tie-Dye Fruity Pebbles-Crusted Waffles recipe.

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Mac 'n' Cheese Waffles

Proof that a waffle iron makes everything better, even boxed macaroni & cheese.

Get the Mac 'n' Cheese Waffles recipe.

Mac n Cheese Waffles
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Red Velvet Waffles

Take your love for red velvet cake to the next level. We love ours topped with a cream cheese frosting-inspired icing and mini chocolate chips, but feel free to go classic with maple syrup and butter too.

Get the Red Velvet Waffles recipe.

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Mozzarella Stick Waffles

Imagine mozzarella sticks but with crispy waffled nooks and crannies. The good news is that it's perfectly possible to have them soon…like within 20 minutes. The recipe is so fabulously easy: Once you dredge mozzarella sticks in flour, eggs, then breadcrumbs, all they need is 4 to 5 minutes in the waffle iron (compared to 20 minutes in the oven!).

Get the Mozzarella Stick Waffles recipe.

Mozzarella Stick Waffles
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Loaded Hash Brown Waffles

Pressed between the hot grates of your waffle iron, store-bought hash browns get very crispy, very fast. Bonus: Cooking the potatoes in a waffle iron also makes stuffing them with bacon and cheese dangerously easy. 😈

Get the Loaded Hash Brown Waffles recipe.

loaded hash brown waffles
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Cauliflower Waffles

The possibilities are endless with these crispy little waffles. We made all breakfast toppings but they're versatile enough for any meal (maybe breakfast for dinner?). We also chose to go open-face but we have a feeling these would be pretty killer as buns for a burger or breakfast sandwich too.

Get the Cauliflower Waffles recipe.

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Mashed Potato Waffles

Everyone knows Thanksgiving leftovers are where it's at. There's nothing we love more than building a leftover sandwich with turkey, cranberries, and stuffing. But what's to be done with all those leftover mashed potatoes? We say, WAFFLE THEM!

Get the Mashed Potato Waffles recipe.

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Waffle Corn Dogs

Doggonit' these are good! All you need is a box of cornbread mix, your favorite hot dogs, and a waffle iron to make the easiest corn dogs ever—no frying!

Get the Waffle Corn Dogs recipe.

Waffle Corn Dogs
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Waffled Quesadillas

Using your waffle iron to make quesadillas is the most genius move of all time. You get an extra crispy tortilla in no time flat. Plus you don't have to flip your over-stuffed quesadilla, which means you can load it up with as many toppings as you want!

Get the Waffled Quesadillas recipe.

waffled quesadilla

S'mores Stuffed Waffles

These are basically an entire s'more smashed into a biscuit (using easy canned biscuit dough!), then waffled, and WE. ARE. OBSESSED.

Get the S'mores Stuffed Waffles recipe.

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Waffle S'mores

This "s'more-ffles" recipe starts with an irresistible graham cracker waffle base and tops it all off with classic s'more ingredients. No campfire required!

Get the Waffle S'mores recipe.

Dish, Cuisine, Food, Belgian waffle, Ingredient, Waffle, Wafer, Breakfast, Vegetarian food, Snack,
Dish, Cuisine, Food, Belgian waffle, Ingredient, Waffle, Wafer, Breakfast, Vegetarian food, Snack,

Sweet & Spicy Chicken and Waffle

Found at Sleepy Hollow in Disney's Magic Kingdom, this dish is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. This hearty combination of Sriracha-honey-glazed fried chicken and crunchy slaw will tempt even the hungriest Headless Horseman 😉.

Get the Sweet & Spicy Chicken and Waffle recipe.

sweet and spicy chicken and waffle
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Waffle Iron Bacon

This easy waffle iron hack is seriously genius. When you're done making your waffles, pop in this bacon and have the savory/sweet breakfast of your dreams.

Get the Waffle Iron Bacon recipe.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles

Your waffle iron is for so much more than waffles. Your favorite chocolate chip cookies cook up in 2 minutes flat for fluffy, golden perfection. Top it with ice cream (no judgement here!), and your brunch will have never been better.

Get the Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles recipe.

chocolate chip cookie waffles
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Rainbow Waffles

It's actually much easier than it looks to make rainbow-hued homemade waffles—simply dye your batter, put it into separate piping bags or ziplocs, then pipe concentric circles in rainbow order. Once they're done, cut waffles in half so that each semi-circle looks like a rainbow, then serve with homemade homemade whipped cream "clouds".

Get the Rainbow Waffles recipe.

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Waffle Iron Biscuits & Gravy

This biscuits and gravy hack is a stroke of brunch genius. You can also make the biscuits according to the package directions, but where's the fun in that?

Get the Waffle Iron Biscuits & Gravy recipe.

waffle iron biscuits and gravy
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Savory Parm Waffle Egg In A Hole

If you haven’t become an egg-in-a-hole enthusiast yet, this is THE mashup to make it happen. A crisp, golden waffle makes the perfect base for a perfectly runny fried egg.

Get the Savory Parm Waffle Egg In A Hole recipe.

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Maple Bourbon Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

When the first thing you eat is a breakfast sandwich stacked with fried chicken, bacon, fresh cornbread waffles, and bourbon-laced maple syrup...well, you know it's gonna be a good day.

Get the Maple Bourbon Chicken & Waffle Sandwich recipe.

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