3 Series Each Broadcast Network Is Most Thankful for This (Weird) TV Season

Tony Maglio
·1-min read

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for the blessings we have in our lives. Yes, even this year. And despite the troubles facing the broadcast networks in recent seasons — especially the current weird one — with eroding audiences and the rise in streaming giants, there are some bright spots on each network’s lineup: the entertainment series that likely got a mention in executives’ recitals of grace before (nuclear family) dinner yesterday. Below are the three highest-rated primetime shows among adults 18-49 on each of the Big 4 free over-the-air channels. The numbers are from Nielsen’s “most current” ratings metric, and include a week’s worth of delayed viewing (mostly DVR catchup) where available. To avoid an anomaly sneaking in, we only included shows that have aired multiple episodes (so, at least two) so far this fall, which counts the eight weeks since Sept. 21. We excluded sports programming here, as the NFL would have gobbled up the top few slots for NBC and Fox. We also excluded news, which includes live news like the presidential debates, as well as CBS’ highly rated “60 Minutes” newsmagazine show. Note: We dragged them out to two decimal places to break potential ties....

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