26 celebrity hairstyles everyone should try before turning 30

Lindsey Sirera
26 celebrity hairstyles everyone should try before turning 30

There’s a lot to be learned from the red carpet by way of celebrity hairstyles. Namely, what exactly it is you *could* be doing with your hair. Because these ‘dos are no mere ponytails or flat-ironed tresses—they’re imaginative, playful and totally awe-inspiring.

Now, not all of these celebrity hairstyles are tame or, rather, office appropriate. Which is exactly why you need to give these celebrity hairstyles a try in your 20s. Or, well, anytime, honestly. To hell with what’s “age appropriate”! But with that said, your 20s are typically the perfect time to experiment with your tresses and really figure out what it is you like and don’t like. And in the process, play around with some pretty brazen styles. Your 20s can be a time of transition, uncertainty, and all-around crazy shenanigans—so why shouldn’t your hair get to have some of the fun along the way?

As for which hairstyles you should give a go, we have some thoughts. Like, never in our lifetimes did we think a version of Princess Leia’s double buns would come back into style. But low and behold, Kendall Jenner delivered them back into the high-fashion midst. Then, there’re dreamy princess hair extensions to play with a la Nicki Minaj and her Rapunzel hair. And if you haven’t seen Amber Heard’s messy mohawk bun, then let us tell you: you’re in for a treat!

Whether Tswift’s shaggy bangs are more your style, or you’re just happy rocking a Selena Gomez-inspired faux bob, these are the styles you’ve *got* to try before the big 3-0.

1. Zendaya’s Luscious Full Ponytail

Zendaya celebrity hair

Behold: a ponytail truly worthy of whipping your hair back and forth.

2. Kendall Jenner’s Double Buns

Kendall jenner celebrity hair styles

Princess Leia buns are a hair *must.*

3. Zoe Kravitz’s Ultra-Long Braids

Solange Knowles Celebrity Hairstyles

Braids for days!

4. Blake Lively’s Grecian Updo with Double Headbands

Blake Lively Celebrity Hair

You haven’t lived until you’ve given your tresses the Greek goddess treatment à la Serena van der Woodsen.

5. Solange Knowles’ Ahhh-Mazing Voluminous Curls

Solange Knowles Celebrity Hairstyles

Young, free, and au naturale! There’s nothing like a head full of fresh, full-bodied natural curls.

6. Selena Gomez’s Retro Faux Bob

Selena Gomez Celebrity Hair

A 20’s style for your 20s? It’s a perfect fit.

7. Tracee Ellis Ross’s Elegant Corn Rows Updo

Solange Knowles Celebrity Hairstyles

Queen Traccee is here to teach all you 20-somethings a thing about statement-making braids.

8. Priyanka Chopra’s Bow Bun

Priyanka Chopra Celebrity Hairstyles

This Minnie-Mouse inspired style just the updo for when you’re in a girly-girl mood.

9. Cara Delevigne’s Single Side Deep Braid

Cara Delevingne hairstyle

This punk-inspired ‘do is designed for the glamorous rebel without a cause.

10. Fan Bingbing’s Voluminous Bouffant Bun

Fan BingBing Celebrity Hairstyles

All elegance! This classic movie star ‘do is one to save for a statement-making moment.

11. Lauren Conrad’s Goddess-like Beach Waves

Ahhh—a hairstyle as fresh as a breath of fresh air.

12. Rihanna’s Bantu Knots

Solange Knowles Celebrity Hairstyles

Meowoza! This is a punk-perfect style designed with a 20-something in mind.

13. Amber Heard’s Braided Mohawk Updo

Amber Heard Hairstyles

This edgy-meets-elegant ‘do packs in all the va-va-voom your heart could desire.

14. Joan Smalls’ Twisted Updo

Joan Smalls Celebrity Hairstyles

A twisted top knot is basically the definition of sophisticated sass.

15. Beyonce’s Waist-long braid

Beyonce Celebrity Hairstyles

You just *can’t* call yourself a 20-something until you’ve channeled a glorious Queen Bey hairstyle, and this may be one of her fiercest.

16. Nina Dobrev’s Ultra-Sleek Straight Hair

Nina Dobrev Celebrity Hair

The sleekest style of them all, it’s so versatile that perfect it’s for everything from nights out to job interviews.

17. Lupita Nyong’o’s Beautiful Multi-Braided Bun

Solange Knowles Celebrity Hairstyles

Warning: Staring at this mesmerizing style for any length of time may cause *serious* hair envy.

18. Taylor Swift’s Shaggy Bangs

Taylor Swift Celeb Hairstyles

This shaggy hairstyle is one you won’t want to shake off.

19. Emma Stone’s Deep-Part Side-Braid

Emma Stone Celebrity Hair

There’s nothing like a little Emma Stone side braid to peak our beauty interests.

20. Nathalie Emmanuel’s Full-Bodied Natural Curls

Nathalie Emmauel Celebrity Hairstyles

Oh la la! The Game of Thrones star knows a thing or two about scene-stealing styles, and the easy and ethereal nature of this one makes it a must-try.

21. Jennifer Lawrence’s French Braided Updo

Jennifer Lawrence Celebrity Hairstyles

The detail in this style is so unbelievable intricate and refined, it may be more a work of art that a killer ‘do.

22. Nick Minja’s Rapunzel Extensions

Warning: this hairstyle may elicit ~major~ confidence.

23. Bella Throne’s Bombshell Beach Blowout

Bella Thorne Celebrity Hair Styles

A classic bombshell blowout is a style everyone should try at least once.

24. Chloë Grace Moretz’s Textured Waves with Barrettes

Chloe Grace Moretz celebrity hairstyle

This classic 90’s style deserves a little modern revival in your 20s.

25. Eva Mendes’ Bumped-Up Volume

Eva Medes Celebrity Hairstyles

Bump it up! This is downright fiesty, and it’s one of our fave celebrity hairstyles.

26. Kim Kardashian Wests’s Wet Platinum Hair

Kim Kardashian platinum hair

Is there a better time to try waist-long, frosty platinum locks? Nope!