25 Ham Recipes We Swear By For Easter Dinner (& Beyond)

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25 Ham Recipes For EasterHearst Owned

When it comes to Easter dinner, we highly suggest you go, well, ham. It's a standby for a reason; picking up a pre-cooked spiral ham is super easy, but we can all admit— it looks SO impressive when you pull a homemade one out of the oven. Trust us, whether you want to go classic with our copycat Honey Baked ham or try something new with our Dr. Pepper pineapple glazed ham, you'll be wishing Easter could be a whole week long so you can try all of these recipes. Not in the mood for a whole ham? Worry not: We've also included plenty of ham-based appetizers and casseroles perfect from Easter brunch to lunch.

When it comes to glazed ham, there are infinite ways to glaze it. Since most pre-cooked hams at the grocery store are already pretty salty, we opt for sweeter glazes, like in our cherry bourbon glazed ham or our brown sugar pineapple ham. As the ham cooks, the sugars in the glaze caramelize and create an irresistible crust that you and your family will be fighting over. Whatever route you choose, we definitely think the glaze for your ham should include a sweet ingredient, something acidic (like vinegar), plus flavor boosters (like bourbon), but feel free to change it up.

Looking for something a little less labor-intensive? Try a ham steak, like we did in our sheet pan Easter dinner or our maple glazed ham steaks—they still feel festive and special, but you won't be stuck with leftovers for days. You could also incorporate store-bought or homemade ham into your Easter sides, from breakfast to dinner. Check out our scalloped potatoes & ham, our Croque Monsieur breakfast casserole, our ham & cheese tortellini, or our ham & potato soup for ideas, then get creative. Ham's savory sweetness goes well with nearly anything!

And don't forget those condiments. Put out a spread of something spicy (like mustard), something creamy (like garlic aioli or spicy chipotle mayo), and something sweet (like cranberry sauce or your favorite fruity chutney or jam). We always like some pickled red onions or jalapeños on the side too for some crunch and pucker to cut the saltiness of the ham.

Unsure of which ham to buy? We tried all the best mail-order hams, from BBQ and applewood smoked to classic honey hams, to help you pick out the best for you and your crowd. Speaking of a crowd, not sure how big a ham you'll need this year? Check out our guide for how much ham you'll need per person too.

Sheet-Pan Easter Dinner

Think you don’t have enough time or space to cook Easter dinner? Think again. Featuring cheesy potatoes au gratin, maple-glazed ham, garlicky asparagus, and paprika-spiced carrots, our streamlined version of this notoriously complicated meal is as simple as 2 sheet pans and 30 minutes in the oven.

Get the Sheet-Pan Easter Dinner recipe.

sheet pan easter dinner with glazed ham, gruyere scalloped potatoes, roasted carrots, roasted asparagus, and rolls


Quiche is a favorite in the canon of classic dishes, and this version is no exception. Soft, creamy filling studded with ham, chives, and Gruyère rests inside a crunchy, buttery pie crust to create the Easter dinner of your dreams.

Get the Quiche recipe.

ham and cheese quiche with a slice cut out beside a salad bowl

Copycat Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked ham is grand, deliciously smoky, and has a signature caramelized crust all over. Sadly, it’s something you have to plan to order in advance and can be a little on the pricey side. If you didn't have time to order a ham, want to save some money, or just try a homemade version of this classic centerpiece, this copycat recipe is for you.

Get the Copycat Honey Baked Ham recipe.

copycat honey baked ham

Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

Cheesy scalloped potatoes meet salty baked ham for a perfect match. It takes the classic side and makes it a heartier dish that's perfect for Easter brunch, or make it with your leftover spiral ham after the celebration.

Get the Scalloped Potato & Ham recipe.

scalloped potatoes and ham
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Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham

This zingy retro classic glazed ham is a stunner set in the center of a table, and just a few easy sides short of a fantastic feast. Beyond the eye-popping pineapple rings and bright maraschino cherries, the glaze lends a shine and texture to the ham’s caramelized crust too.

Get the Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham recipe.

brown sugar pineapple ham
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Ham & Cheese Spinach Puffs

Thought your Easter brunch plans were set? Think again. Stuffed with ham, spinach, and Gruyère, these cheesy pastries are calling your name. These puffs are most delicious fresh out of the oven, but if you want to work ahead, you can even make the filling and even cut out the pastry squares the day before.

Get the Ham & Cheese Spinach Puffs recipe.

ham and cheese spinach puffs

Cherry Bourbon Glazed Ham

Get ready to plan a dinner party around this ham alone! The tart cherries and bourbon work together to bring a slight sour and oaky tartness to the spiral ham, and the glaze has just enough cayenne pepper to deliver a subtle smoky heat.

Get the Cherry Bourbon Glazed Ham recipe.

cherry bourbon glazed ham
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Croque Monsieur Breakfast Casserole

A croque monsieur is a delectable French sandwich with ham and Gruyére, with a silky béchamel sauce poured over top. Turning it into a breakfast casserole makes it easier to put together and share with a crowd. Yum!

Get the Croque Monsieur Breakfast Casserole recipe.

croque monsieur breakfast casserole

Baked Ham With Brown Sugar Glaze

Pro tip for taking your usual holiday ham over the top? Make your own homemade glaze! Our go-to combo is brown sugar, Dijon mustard, and apple cider.

Get the Baked Ham With Brown Sugar Glaze recipe.

ham glaze

Maple Glazed Ham Steak

Spiral hams are delicious, but they yield so much meat. When you're craving ham, but don't want to fuss with a full roast like that, ham steaks are the way to go! Instead of roasting and glazing a whole ham, just make everyone their own perfectly cooked, savory-sweet steak.

Get the Maple-Glazed Ham Steak recipe.

maple glazed ham steak
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Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

What can't crescent roll dough do? While that may be a more difficult question to answer, we know one thing it does perfectly: Transform plain sandwich ingredients into a flaky, crowd-pleasing appetizer. Packed full of ham and melty cheese, these shareable sandwiches get an added flavor boost from fresh parsley and toasty poppy seeds. Endlessly customizable and too easy to create, these 30-minute pinwheels are the perfect last-minute app if you need a guaranteed hit for a crowd.

Get the Ham & Cheese Pinwheels recipe.

ham cheese pinwheels
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Slow-Cooker Brown Sugar Ham

Let your slow cooker do the legwork on this easy holiday ham. This leaves plenty of room in your oven for all those sides.

Get the Slow-Cooker Brown Sugar Ham recipe.

crock pot brown sugar glazed ham

Best-Ever Glazed Spiral Ham

For a classic Easter dinner, you can't get much more impressive than a glazed spiral ham. Got leftovers? Leftover ham is basically refrigerator gold. Try making a legit Croque Madame for your next brunch.

Get the Best-Ever Glazed Spiral Ham recipe.

spiraled ham recipe
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Ham & Cheese Sliders

Opting for a more casual Easter gathering? These rich-yet-punchy sliders are ideal for a potluck lunch. Classic ham and cheese is sandwiched between sweet Hawaiian rolls, all before being brushed with a homemade dressing that transforms these simple sliders into a sweet and salty dream.

Get the Ham & Cheese Sliders recipe.

ham cheese sliders
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Creamy Ham & Potato Soup

If you’re a fan of potato soup, you’re going to love this upgrade— loaded with chunks of tender potatoes, salty-sweet ham, and tender vegetables, this creamy soup is the comfort food you know and love, with a little something extra.

Get the Creamy Ham & Potato Soup recipe.

creamy potato and ham soup topped with chopped parsley

Dr. Pepper-Pineapple Glazed Ham

If you're not glazing your ham in a sweet-acidic mixture of Dr. Pepper and pineapple juice, you're doing it wrong.

Get the Dr. Pepper-Pineapple Glazed Ham recipe.

easter ham
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Chicken Cordon Bleu

Once the chicken here is layered with cheese and ham and then rolled, it's kind of large. Frying it seemed like too much, so we baked it instead (you're welcome). It bakes into a beautiful, golden, and crispy piece of meat that's perfectly swirled on the inside. It's mesmerizing!

Get the Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe.

chicken cordon bleu
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Classic Ham Salad

Not feeling ham as the star of your meal? We love this super-easy ham salad on crackers as an appetizer. If you're not a fan of green onions, dill or parsley would be delicious substitutes!

Get the Classic Ham Salad recipe.

classic ham salad
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Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

All the flavors you love in chicken cordon bleu are here in this cozy casserole. There's ham, Swiss cheese, a hint of Dijon, and, of course, chicken, without any of the fussy stuffing, dredging, and searing of the original. 😍

Get the Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole recipe.

chicken cordon bleu casserole

Hawaiian Roll Sliders

Hawaiian rolls are a guilty pleasure of ours: They're buttery, soft, and full of just-sweet-enough flavor. These sliders, layered with ham, Swiss, and caramelized onions, will quickly become a MUST at any Easter celebration.

Get the Hawaiian Roll Sliders recipe.

hawaiian roll sliders
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Ham & Bean Soup

Thinking about what to do with leftover spiral ham? This soup has you covered. It's warm and comforting and endlessly filling.

Get the Ham & Bean Soup recipe.

ham and bean soup
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Instant Pot Easter Ham

Who said Easter dinner had to be stressful? Your oven will be jealous it doesn't get to roast this delicious ham with an incredible orange marmalade glaze.

Get the Instant Pot Easter Ham recipe.

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Brandon Bales

Ham Asparagus Bundles

Consider these your new favorite Easter party (and maybe year-round) side!

Get the Ham Asparagus Bundles recipe.

ham asparagus bundles
Lena Abraham

Ham & Cheese Tortellini

This is one of our favorite easy, kid-friendly meals for Easter—everyone can get into salty ham and cheesy tortellini in a creamy sauce. Swap peas for bigger veggies if your kids are little or are just pea-averse. 😉

Get the Ham & Cheese Tortellini recipe.

ham cheese tortellini
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Apricot-Mustard Ham

The sweetness of the apricot jam with the zip of the mustard is perfect combination for a smoked bone-in ham.

Get the Apricot-Mustard Ham recipe.

apricot mustard ham with herb roasted root vegetables

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