The 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask is Nicole Richie's open secret

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Nicole Richie. (Photo:
Nicole Richie. (Photo:

Fashion maven Nicole Richie has come a long way from her ‘The Simple Life’ TV show days; she’s a proud and successful entrepreneur, having launched her own jewelry line, House of Harlow, which is named after her daughter, as well as a brand new lifestyle collection, Honey Minx, which is available on And we’re excited to be partnering with Nicole in our first ever Style NowWith video series, that is fun and shoppable.

Nicole Richie slathered with her 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask
Nicole Richie slathered with her 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask

Onto her selfie care episode, Nicole is all about her step-by-step beauty routine; she does not skip cleansing, moisturising and even masking: “I take a shower every night, right before I go to bed,” she reveals. “I have an entire skin care routine that consists of a face wash, a toner, a mask, lotion and face oil.” To complete her bedtime routine, she makes sure she uses her 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask, which leaves her skin glowing and moisturised.

“The gold face mask feels and smells so good,” Richie says. “This is for somebody who’s into skin care; maybe they wear a lot of makeup or they want to do something healing for their skin. If they’re traveling, that’s a really good mask to travel with.”

24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask
24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask

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True to the product’s name, the mask is infused with 24-karat gold, and it uses hyaluronic acid and soothing Manuka honey to help firm and illuminate the skin. It smells so good, we reckon you won’t be able to resist tasting the product (but you shouldn’t!).

To complete your routine, Nicole recommends the Sleep Cocoon 100% silk eye mask and satin pillowcase set in blush or chamomile, as well as a soft one-piece jumpsuit for sleep. “I can’t think of somebody who doesn’t want to unwind and feel good and look gorg at the end of the night. I don’t know who that person is,” she added.


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