My 22-month-old Son Has Very Itchy Skin, He Scratches So Hard That It Bleeds

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It’s a known fact that babies have sensitive skin. Pretty much anything and everything can irritate their soft exterior resulting in endless bouts of itching and scratching. But, the problem arises when you have a baby itching at night and day–so much so–that he starts bleeding.

A similar concern was raised by a mum of a “22-month-old with a very itchy skin.” She shared that she spotted are no rashes or dry skin on her baby and even the doctor wasn’t sure why her son was scratching so much.

But, she is worried and wonders if they should see a dermatologist for a second opinion.

Mum Shares Concern After She Spots Her Baby Itching At Night

baby itching at night
baby itching at night

Screengrab: Reddit

The Reddit mum wrote, “My 22-month-old son has very itchy skin. He scratches so hard he bleeds. The doctor put him on urisec 22% cream and it helps him sleep at night, when I don’t use this cream he has a horrible night waking up lots and crying lots. During the day he still scratches a lot but we can usually stop him.”

“The doctor isn’t sure why he is scratching so much, there is no visible rash or dry skin. Is this something I should be concerned about? The doctor doesn’t seem concerned … But I’m wondering if I should push harder for him to see a dermatologist or a paediatrician. My husband doesn’t believe it’s a problem either and says he just has dry skin… But he will scratch and scratch until he hurts himself and bleeds and he has scratch marks all over himself,” she added.

Her dilemma was echoed by fellow new mums who jumped in to help.

Baby Itching At Night: Most Mums See This Happen!

baby itching at night
baby itching at night

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Most mums who responded to her plea, suggested that she opt for a second opinion. Many even shared their own ordeal of watching their little one hurt himself, trying to scratch an itch.

1. Go for a second opinion

Mummy user CitygirkUK, suggested, “I’d be pushing for a referral to the paediatrician as seems odd and distressing for your child. In the meantime not sure what you are using to bathe him, if you’ve not tried it, Oilatum bath made a huge difference for our son with v. sensitive skin, also Child’s Farm baby bath cleanser (not sure if those are available outside UK)”

While mummy user FiendishHawk insisted on taking the baby to a dermatologist. She wrote, “Definitely take him to a dermatologist. I’d guess it is eczema or allergies.”

2. Keep the nails short

Another concerned mum SleepOrderDis, suggested, “Yes, check it with a dermatologist. If a specialist said it’s nothing, it could be stimming. But it depends a lot. If there are like 20 scratches… Well keep the nails short and make sure they can’t reach the place they scratch by clothing them against it.”

3. Change laundry detergent

Some even asked this mum to change the laundry detergent at home. One mum said, “You should see a specialist also Try changing the soap your using to clean His clothes might be as simple as that.”

Many agreed with this advice and shared that this worked for their baby.

Mummy user Diaryofawearymom said that she changed her laundry soap and it worked. She wrote, “My son has had similar issues. We changed our laundry detergent to the sensitive skin type and oatmeal baths helped during outbreaks. He lotions up immediately after taking a bath and throughout the day as needed.

4. Can Be Food Allergy

Other mums suggested that this itching and scratching could be a result of a food allergy. Mummy user Slider78 reiterated “Could be some kind of food allergy.”

5. Trust motherly instinct

Some dads also jumped in the discussion and shares that a mother’s instinct is the best remedy.

Daddy user cmcooper666 wrote, “I’ve been on the side of your husband several times. My wife has been right every time. Trust your motherly instincts.”

6. Go off dairy products

baby itching at night
baby itching at night

Screengrab: Reddit

Mum user Farfefe suggested her to go few weeks without dairy products to see if the symptoms get better. She wrote, “Try 2 weeks without dairy products. There are so many people that I know, that has suffered from dry skin, itchy skin, rashes — you name it, and it all went away as soon as they stopped/reduced the intake of milk and/or other dairy products. Defiantly worth a try!”

While these were all practical suggestions, if you have a baby itching at night, it can be quite stressful. Which is why it important to understand the triggers. This can help provide relief to your little one.

Here’s Why Your Baby May Be Itching And Scratching

Remember that not all itches are alike. Some can happen when your baby’s body reacts to pollen, nuts or other allergens, while others due to a change in weather. When these allergens react to the body, the immune system created a chemical called histamine, which is what causes the baby to scratch the itch.

If your baby has psoriasis, itching may feel more like burning.

Thus, it is important to first identify the reason and prevent your baby from scratching his body too much. It can lead to skin wounds, infections, and scarring.

But if you have a baby itching at night, and he just won’t stop, here are some ways in which you can provide relief.

Baby Itching At Night? These 6 Ways Can Provide Relief

baby itching at night
baby itching at night

If you baby is having skin itching, try to identify the trigger. Image courtesy: Freepik

Your baby may be itching because he or she has dry skin. It is important to keep them hydrated. Therefore, use a good moisturiser that suits their skin type. Ask your child’s doctor to suggest creams that have menthol or calamine in them to cool your little one’s skin.

Wear comfortable clothing: If you have a baby itching at night, then check if the little one is in comfortable clothing. Sometimes, your kid can just be allergic to the woollen clothes or unnatural fabrics. If so, look for other alternatives, like natural fabrics and cool and breathable layers.

Eat healthy food: Your child can be allergic to certain foods. So make sure, when you introduce any new item, for instance, eggs in his diet, don’t include any other new items. In case he develops an allergy, it will be easier to identify the cause. It will take some time for you to understand if your kid is allergic to a particular food. So be patient and follow through this plan.

Cool off: When you have a baby itching at night and they can’t sleep, chances are they are too hot. You can try a wet compress or cold shower to ease the itching and ensure that the room is cool and comfortable.

Work on reducing anxiety: Sometimes anxiety disorders can cause your baby to experience itchy skin. Before your child goes to sleep, try to relax him by adding soothing music to his nighttime routine. You can also sing a lullabyto try to make him feel relaxed.

Consult a doctor: If over-the-counter creams don’t work, and your baby is troubled, take your child to a doctor. Some prescribed medicines can provide immediate relief to your little one.

It is normal to be worried if you have a baby itching at night. You feel helpless when you see the little one struggling. But don’t panic. If the itching is fleeting and does not cause any major problems, then there is no need to worry.

But keep an eye on him to spot any infections and don’t make multiple changes to clothes and diet all at once. If you find their skin is too tender to touch or oozes pus, you must rush to the doctor.

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