21 Screenshots Of Helicopter Moms Who Are Still Treating Their Adult Children Like Newborns Who Can't Fend For Themselves

1.This mom who told their child not to dress up their one-year-old for Halloween because it was "evil," and implied they'd be going to hell for it:

person telling their mom they don't believe in god
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2.This mom who was mad their son didn't keep the promise he made at eight years old that he'd warn her before he got a tattoo:

son teasing his mom about also getting a piercing or a face tattoo of a heart with mom written inside
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3.This mom who tried to avoid seeing her 27-year-old because they got a piercing she didn't approve of:

mom asking her daughter where she is so that she doesn't run into her
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long message from the mom explaining that seeing her daughter with a nose piercing will give her a heart attack
u/rumpledforeskin23 / Via reddit.com

4.This mom who reacted to their 26-year-old child's new tattoo very poorly:

mom sending multiple messages about hating their son's tattoos
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5.This mom who demanded that their child download a location tracking app:

The child refuses the tracking app and says they're 27, and the parent responds, "I am just putting your name on my list, don't get your feathers ruffled, relax"
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6.This mom who guilt trips their 25-year-old if they don't speak to her every day:

mom being dramatic and trying to quilt trip her daughter saying she'll die soon
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7.This mom who still had a no sleepovers rule for their 24-yeard-old:

mom says no to a sleepover
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8.This mom who is still punishing their 22-year-old for things they did as a teenager:

mom bringing up something from her kid's teen years and threatening to take them to church
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9.This mom who demanded that their 19-year-old take out their nose piercing whenever they come home:

Child wishes mother a "Happy Mother's Day," and she says, "We have asked you more than once to remove the shrapnel from your face when you come to the house; please be respectful of your Dad and I; if you come to our house, please take it out"
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10.This mom who was tracking their 23-year-old's location when their date's car got a flat tire:

mom asking for the date's social media and giving a 10:30 curfew
u/arbecs / Via reddit.com
mom continues to ask her child where they are during the date
u/arbecs / Via reddit.com
mom saying that the child's car has been in the same spot for 10 minutes
u/arbecs / Via reddit.com

11.This mom who wanted their 25-year-old to be indoors before sunset...even though they didn't live together:

Parent asks if they're about to take the dogs out before dark, and when child says "not yet," parent says "almost dark here," child says "not here," parent says "Alexa said 8:52 is sunset there," and child says "Omg stop"
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12.This mom who set a strict weekly dinner schedule as soon as their 22-year-old moved out:

Parent says they're setting a weekly "family time" of Sunday at 5 pm, by Zoom if necessary, and Mom, Dad, and two children all have to be present and can take turns choosing the venue; can change day and time only if they give 3 days' notice
u/Elektriksola / Via reddit.com

13.This mom who was trying to unlock their 30-year-old's phone:

"Hey mum, I have this app on my phone that takes a picture of whoever tries to get into my phone; I was just deleting the images and I saw that you tried to unlock it 4 times on October 20 at 8:33pm; why?" Mom; "Because I can!" with three laughing emojis
u/SwedishGoose524 / Via reddit.com

14.This mom who didn't want their 30-year-old child to get influenced by the devil at a concert:

Mother to child who is going to an Iron Maiden concert: the website and video "are straight from the devil," and when child says Dad used to listen to them, Mom says she's "praying for your mind, eyes, and ears for what the concert is going to do to you"
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15.This mom who blew up their 18-year-old's phone with messages because they didn't answer the phone for 15 minutes:

Screenshot of a series of text messages and missed voice calls between 4:15 and 4:28 pm, in which parent eventually says they're calling the police because they "don't know where you are or why you resd my messages with no answer"
u/rhysceleste / Via reddit.com

16.This mom who was furious that their 18-year-old had been sexually active for a year:

Child says they really wanted to tell the parent and be honest, but they were worried the parent was going to ban their partner, and parent says to "call that bitch to come get you, you can do whatever the hell you want from this fucking day forward"
u/Solrac8D / Via reddit.com

17.This mom who threatened not to send their 18-year-old to college if they didn't spend time with her:

Parent texts child a summary of the number of minutes they've spent with them over several days and says they're going to send their child a daily summary as their way of "journaling our relationship"
u/Strange-Ad-7764 / Via reddit.com

18.This mom who tried to get their 20-year-old to get off of birth control:

Mother asks if the child has a "birth control implant" because they saw "replace implant" on the child's calendar, and when mother says they need to talk when they get home, child says it's none of the mother's business what they do with their body
u/Recifeeder / Via reddit.com
Mom says it is her business if the child is being unsafe, and when child says that using BC is the opposite of unsafe, mom says the child is not leaving the house tomorrow until they talk, and child says they're staying elsewhere tonight
u/Recifeeder / Via reddit.com

19.This mom who showed up at their child's place unannounced and didn't see why they were upset:

Mother says her family can visit anytime because they're her "fucking family," child says they're just trying to set a boundary, and when mother says that's a "little cold" and she didn't raise them that way, child says a heads-up is not a lot to ask for
u/_asphodel14 / Via reddit.com
When child says "You woke me up and I was naked in bed," mother says "It doesn't matter what I think? OK, you're not welcome to come to my house unless you tell me first then too — how stupid; plus I was legitimately worried about you, so suck it"
u/_asphodel14 / Via reddit.com

20.This mom who was keeping tabs on their 40-year-old child years after they got arrested for a petty misdemeanor:

The parent says it was reported to them that their child was spotted on the highway and asks where they're going; the 40-year-old child says, "This is how you get blocked mom"
u/whit4504 / Via reddit.com

21.This mom who wanted proof that their 20-year-old child was at the movies like they said:

A parent asks if their child has gotten to the movie, the child says yes, and the parent asks for a picture of the movie screen or ticket
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