2019 controversy: Julia Barretto wouldn't change anything

Heidi Hsia
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25 Feb – Despite the backlash and many accusations that she faced over the 2019 controversy surrounding rumours of her involvement with Bea Alonzo's then boyfriend Gerald Anderson, Julia Barretto stated that she wouldn't change anything about what had happened.

It is noted that Barretto was accused of being the third party in the Bea Alonzo-Gerald Anderson relationship, which caused their breakup in 2019.

As reported on ABS-CBN News, the actress, who spoke about the controversy, stated that the experience was such an eye-opener and revealed a lot of things to her that she needed in her life.

"If we're talking about judgement from people that have no significant role in my life, it really doesn't bother me. Because, 'What do you know in the first place?'," she said. "[But] if we're talking about judgement from people in my life, I'm just glad I've become more picky with who I want to be in my life. Because now I know that the judgement are always constructive and are always out of concern, or to just help me become a better person or to guide me."

Barretto stated that if there is one thing she would tell her teenage self prior to the issue, she would tell her to just keep going.

"I really wouldn't change a thing. I don't mind going through it all again. Just keep going, it's just that simple. Tunnel vision. Focus on the goal," she said.

Although Barretto is still mum about the true nature of her relationship with her "Between Maybes" co-star, it is noted that the two have been spotted at the same locations several times ever since, with both Barretto and Anderson expressed about being happy and in love, albeit never mentioning one another.

Gerald Anderson is rumoured to be linked with Julia Barretto
Gerald Anderson is rumoured to be linked with Julia Barretto

(Photo Source: Julia Barretto Instagram, Gerald Anderson Instagram)