2018 in review: Our 8 best food stories, from finding cheap wines, to romantic dinners and the city’s best bubble teas

To sum up 2018, we ate our way through crazy culinary trends and hot new openings, gaining a few kilos along the way, all in the name of keeping you updated on all that’s weird and wondrous in our local food scene.

So, let’s take a step back now and let the numbers talk: Here’s the rundown on our top food stories, covering topics as varied as grilled cheese sandwiches and nasi lemak cookies to alfresco dinners and luxe set lunches.


Bishan Park’s newest restaurant is a Japanese yakitori joint with grilled meats and onsen egg cocktails

Photo: ToriYard

Very much to our surprise, the unassuming Japanese joint ToriYard in Bishan Park ranked first on the list. We can only assume Singapore is full of yakitori lovers, most of whom live around the neighborhood and can’t say no to a satisfying meal of skewers, sashimi, and uni.


The cheapskate’s guide to wine on a budget in Singapore


Two words: Alcohol and cheapskates. Put ’em together, and you’ve got the recipe for a success story. ‘Nuff said.


Best bubble tea in Singapore: Where to get milk tea, cheese tea, fruit tea, and other fancy new drinks

Teas galore. Photo: Coconuts Media

In a country where people can’t seem to get enough of bubble tea — what with new names debuting every few months (hello, TenRen’s Tea, Tiger SugarWinnie’s, and Hey Tea) — of course y’all had to get the lowdown on brands and their many offerings in milk teas, cheese teas, and fruit teas. Because liquid calories never tasted so good.


Get cheesy: 9 cafes that satisfy your grilled cheese sandwich cravings

Photo: OverEasy/FB

Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Toss it in between a slice of bread and grill it, and it immediately becomes a million times better. So if you’re still on that search for the perfect cheese-and-carb combo, chomp your way through this list.


Unusual Chinese New Year 2018 goodies: Nasi lemak cookies, bak kwa pineapple tarts, yam macarons and more

Photo: Antoinette

Chinese New Year goodies are familiar to those of us who celebrate the festival. And we do love our pineapple tarts, love letters, and bak kwa bits. But to switch things up a bit, chefs have been experimenting more and more with these traditional recipes to infuse a sprinkle of the unexpected, resulting in Frankenstein-esque creations like laksa cookies, salted egg yolk kueh lapis, yam macarons, and espresso pineapple tarts. Which, at the very least, could distract your nosy relatives from prodding too much into your personal life.


Best romantic restaurants in Singapore: Where to go for candlelit dinners, date nights, and special occasions

Photo: The Summerhouse/FB

A pretty handy list to have bookmarked for every V-Day, anniversary, or birthday, this round-up of romantic restaurants takes you from Michelin-starred dining and glitzy spaces to rustic pizzerias and places with panoramic views.


Luxe for less: 16 value-for-money fancy set lunches in Singapore under $50

Photo: Yan

Set lunches are great when you wanna experience a restaurant without paying top dollar for dinner. So with that in mind, we scoured the posh places in town for the most value-for-money deals under $50.


11 alfresco and garden-themed restaurants in Singapore for a chill weekend out

Photo: Birds of a Feather SG/FB

Taking our garden city rep to the next level, these eateries bring you one step closer to nature, with oodles of lush greenery and alfresco tables for that casual, chillax weekend get-together.

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