More than 200 diners in Singapore to attend a pop-up cafe where waiters hurl insults and abuse

Nurul Azliah
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Many diners in Singapore have high expectations when it comes to the kind of table service delivered at eateries. But, as these 200 willing diners at an upcoming pop-up cafe will tell you, some people are eager to be served by rude wait staff who will hurl verbal abuse at customers.

Called Tsundere Cafe, the pop-up food event will take place at a studio in Woodlands Industrial Park on 24 February, and is inspired by a similar concept popularised in Japan.

“We were pretty much inspired by a cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo, called Nagomi, which specialises in this concept,” said organiser Ophelia Lim, 28, who is also the founder of pop-up cafe events planner SubaToki Cafe.

The word “tsundere” itself describes a character who initially comes across as a cold and hostile person, before gradually turning into someone who is warm and kind.

Lim is bringing the concept in Singapore for the first time and have filled up all reservations within weeks of advertising on Facebook. She is expecting over 200 guests at her inaugural event, all of whom have made reservations and prior payments from $19.90 per person for early birds and $25 per person for a standard booking. Walk-ins are not allowed.

Five wait staff dressed in cosplay-style will be serving and hurling insults at customers at the Tsundere Cafe event. (Photo: SubaToki Cafe)

Upon guests’ arrival, feisty waitresses are expected to shout “You’re not welcome here!”, or approach diners in the middle of their meals screaming, “Hurry up and leave this place once you’re done!”.

“There will also be things like customers getting a scolding if they request for the password for the cafe’s free-WiFi from our staff,” said Lim in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore on Tuesday (13 Feb). All verbal insults will be in English.

On their Facebook page, Tsundere Cafe has also warned guests that the staff might handle their items roughly, and be forced to delete photos they have taken from the event. Customers can opt for polaroid shots taken by their staff, which comes with a fee.

A graphic showing an example of the kind of treatment to expect from the wait staff at Tsundere Cafe. (Photo: SubaToki Cafe)

The graphic designer, who also runs her own illustration studio known as “Daiyaku”, will have five wait staff at the event. Named Hikari, Matcha, Midori, Yumiki and Toshiro, all of them will be dolled up in cosplay-style and ready to throw tantrums at customers.

Meals to be served at Tsundere Cafe include chicken lasagna, baked beef pasta and baked mushroom pasta. Dessert options include a red velvet cake, cheesy brownie and oreo cheesecake.

“We wanted to try and bring this concept over to Singapore for our local Japanese pop-culture enthusiasts and audiences to enjoy,” said Lim. “At certain times, [our serving staff] will show care and kindness, especially towards the end of their dining session.”

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