My 2-year-old Daughter Is A Fearless Toddler. Should I Be Worried?

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If you have a fearless toddler at home, your mind is constantly occupied with thoughts about their safety. If your child is jumping around the home, getting hurt frequently, but is again back to it, we understand how difficult it must be for you.

A similar concern was shared by a Reddit mum about her two-year-old’s “lack of fear.”

Unable to settle her racing heart, she asked fellow mums, “Should I be worried about her or just be happy she’s strong and not scared of much especially due to our current situation?”

Fearless Toddler: “My 2-year-old is Fearless,” Says Concerned Mum

fearless toddler
fearless toddler

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The mum wrote, “We’ve recently had a lot of changes with moving from our home into a DV shelter in the last few days but this has been going on for a lot longer than that.”

She further shared that her daughter has been constantly jumping off of things, and causing injuries to herself. “Tonight I turned my back for a moment and she jumped headfirst off the bed and split her lip open. She’s fine but as soon as I cleaned her up she goes to do it again and again,” she mentioned.

Like any other mum, the user has also been worrying a lot about her daughter.

“She’s never shown any fear of loud noises, the dark, falling. Nothing that would be normal for a kid her age in my eyes,” she added.

She asked for suggestions to understand if her daughter is behaving normally or if there is a reason to be worried. Other mums helped her with tips, which they adopt to calm their fearless toddler.

What Other Mums Had To Say

1. Try to make it safe

fearless toddler
fearless toddler

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This mum of two daughters wrote, “I have a 3-year-old girl and a 16-month-old girl and they are both fearless to the point that it scares me. One thing that has slightly curbed it is giving them the appropriate choice for being nuts. Want to jump onto the bed? aim for all these pillows I piled up.”

“If there’s a way to make whatever they are trying to do safer instead of just a flat out no it seems to help. I am by no means an expert but I’ve kept my two alive this long. Best of luck. Fearless little girls are hard to wrangle but I admire them for it the same amount that it stresses me out. good luck!” she added.

2. Accept it

This mum shared that his son was exactly the same till he was 2 years.

“He’s about 4 now and it has calmed down a bit but I’ve just accepted it’s his adventurous spirit. I guess I’ll forever feel like I have my heart in my throat. Good luck!” she suggested.

3. Childproof your home

User Lambearleaf whose child calmed down a bit by 4 years, suggested childproofing the home.

Sharing what she had done, she wrote, “Childproof your home to the extreme (for example, I had to put locks on my fridge to discourage climbing into it) and provide an outlet for all the needed body movement. My son ended up taking quite a few spills, despite my best efforts. However, he has such excellent control of his body now. Also, we’ve enrolled him in a gymnastics/ninja course where he can channel some more energy.”

If you have a hyper-energetic and a fearless toddler at home, we understand that parenting can be a task. Yes, curiosity is the key to learning and handling a fearless toddler, once you’ve identified this personality trait.

Fearless Toddler: 5 Signs To Identify

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between ‘kids being kids’ and your kid showing some fearless tendencies. Here are some signs that you are raising a fearless toddler.

1. They get bruised frequently

As parents, we often freak at the thought of our babies getting hurt. Whether that’s a little bump on the head or a busted lip, it always seems terrifying the first time we see our babies bleed.

But, if you are a parent of a fearless child, you will find yourself becoming seasoned wound dressers.

2. They jump off of everything

As parents of a fearless toddler, you will find your kid climbing everywhere. For instance furniture, shelves, trees. You name it and you will find your kid sitting there. Now from here, they will jump.

Yes, that’s exactly what they do. So you are constantly worried wondering if they will fall and hurt themselves.

3. They are not looking for your help

It is great to have an independent child who prefers doing everything on their own. It can in fact be a huge relief, but the problem starts when they cross that thin line.

For instance, they could be throwing tantrums just because they want to drive the car by themselves.

4. Too rigid

If your kid is rigid in their attitude and isn’t easy with transitions, your child may have fearless tendencies. These kids are usually too adamant or throw tantrums when things don’t go their way.

5. When people talk about your kid a lot

When your child is hyperactive, you will find that he or she is the talk of town. You will also get frequent complaints from their school about their adventures. Also being a mum, you will often find ‘free advice’ pouring in from everywhere on how to control your child.

But, don’t get hassled by what others say. If your child is fearless, then you need to devise a strategy to calm down their hyperactive cells.

Tips To Parent A Fearless Toddler

fearless toddler
fearless toddler

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Before we get to some tips that may help your child calm down, here’s what you need to remember: prepare yourself with oodles of patience when dealing with these little fearless babies.

  • Take a step back

You need to take this step quite judiciously. It is okay if your child falls. Until and unless they do, they won’t understand why you have been telling them ‘NO.’ Let them take some risks when the danger is not too great so they can develop decision-making abilities and understand boundaries.

  • Learn to differentiate between danger and adventure

As parents, we want to protect our kids and keep them cushioned. But, that’s not always practical or a viable option. Learn to differentiate between what puts your child in actual danger and what simply makes you nervous. Don’t throttle the curiosity in your child by stopping him or her from doing everything around them.

  • Stay alert

Your child should have the freedom to roam around freely at least in their own home. Most dangers can be averted if you stay alert. For instance, unplug your electronic devices from the socket every time after use.

If your kid has the habit of inserting their fingers inside socket, you must childproof them. Also, try moving a piece of furniture so that the switchboard is hidden from their sight. Never keep any sharp objects in front of them.

  • Keep them engaged

Kids often exhibit their fearless nature when they are bored or are craving stimulation. Try spending some time with them every day so that they don’t resort to any harmful things to gain your attention.

Play engaging educational games and read storybooks together– both of which will keep their mind and energy focussed. Playing with them will help them develop empathy and understanding of how their choices impact those around them.

While their actions give you palpitations now, let’s not forget that the apple doesn’t fall far from the three. You must have indulged in a few adventure sports yourself, right?

From climbing on top of a tall tree to doing summersaults on the bed, we all have explored life through the lens of curiosity, imagination and pure fun!


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