1Password brings passkey support to Mobile

 1Password passkeys.
1Password passkeys.

Popular password manager 1Password has introduced passkey support to its mobile clients.

The 1Password app on both iPhones running the latest iOS 17 software and Android 14 devices will be able to save passkeys and let you sign into compatible services with them. Passkey support is also available for the manager's browser extensions across Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

The company added that later in the fall it will, "deliver the first end-to-end passkey experience across all platforms and devices, allowing customers to unlock their 1Password accounts with a passkey."

Passwordless future

The news follows hot on the heels of NordPass announcing its support for passkeys on iOS 17 too. Apple made an important change with its new mobile operating system, which is rolling out now, that allows third-party apps to manage passkeys.

Previously, iPhone users could only create and store passkeys using Apple's proprietary password manager, Keychain. This also meant that passkeys created on an Apple device could only be used on other devices made by the company.

Using a third-party password manager to save passkeys means that they can be used across the various platforms supported by the manager in question.

“Passkeys are the best form of passwordless authentication that balances security and convenience, and 1Password is committed to enabling all businesses and consumers to embrace them,” said Steve Won, chief product officer of 1Password.

He added that, "being first to market with a fully passwordless experience represents our continued commitment to innovating simpler authentication with stronger security, and to create a safer digital future for everyone."

More and more services are beginning to adopt the new technology to let their users sign in to their accounts without a password. In addition to the big tech players like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, services such as WhatsApp and GitHub are also getting in on the trend.

Passkeys are thought to be more secure than passwords, since their zero-knowledge architecture means that no one - not even the user - knows what they are. All that is required to use them is whatever method you employ to lock your device, such as your fingerprint, face or PIN. For this reason, they are also more convenient too.