19 Burnt-Out Signs That Are Accidentally Hilarious

You know that thing where a store's sign is partially burnt out, so it accidentally spells something hilarious? Well, it turns out there's a whole subreddit for that, so please enjoy these signs that accidentally sent the wrong message:

1.Ice cold?? Is he okay?

Vending machine button labeled "Ice Cold Drink" but the R and N are dimmed so it spells "dik" instead
u/MassSpectreometrist / Via reddit.com

2.Heh. Fart.

Party City store with partially burnt out P so it looks like it says "Fart city"
u/Big-Team1201 / Via reddit.com

3.To be fair, London Drugs was really playing with fire here.

Exterior sign of "London Drugs" store at night but it's partially burnt out and spells "on drugs"
u/OobyIsGay / Via reddit.com

4.I mean, there are TWO ways their signs could go wrong, so of course both of them happened:

Another London Drugs sign, this time burnt out to spell "do drugs"
u/OobyIsGay / Via reddit.com

5.This is that Tyga song, right?

Signage for a sunglasses store with missing letters in 'SUNGLASSES CITY' making it read 'ASS CITY'
u/windowlatch / Via reddit.com

6.For gardening, right?

Storefront at night with burnt out "Shoes" sign reading "HOES," subtitled "GREENVILLE'S FINEST."
u/evnmixermorninfixer / Via reddit.com

7.Hopefully it's just German for "the mart":

Brodie Food Mart sign that reads "die mart" due to burnt out letters
u/Coffekats / Via reddit.com

8.Oh lord, they're coming.

u/beleg_tal / Via reddit.com

9.Stan, have you met my friend Deez?

Stan's Donuts shop with the D and O burnt out
u/TwatCanoe / Via reddit.com

10.Be careful if it lasts more than four hours, Mike.

Neon sign for Mike's Hard Lemonade that reads "mike's hard on" instead
u/LilB78 / Via reddit.com

11.What a rude building.

A treatment center with all letters burnt out except the ones that spell "eat me"
u/md18096 / Via reddit.com

12.I often feel as though I'm there whenever I fill up on gas these days.

Signage of a Shell gas station with the S burnt out
u/2into2into2 / Via reddit.com

13.Heh. Pee.

A poorly lit photo of a gas station at night with a partially burnt out sign that attempts to read "Speedway" but appears as "peedway"
u/SpiccyDropMag / Via reddit.com

14.Fully air-conditioned? Usually it's kept frozen.

Neon sign reads 'Amusements' above an arcade entrance with only "semen" illuminated
u/BLucky_RD / Via reddit.com

15.That's nice, they have their own plaza!

Sign for "MILFORD PLAZA" with the ORD burnt out
u/ReaperKing05 / Via reddit.com

16.Can't wait to learn some facts!

Neon sign of "The Old Spaghetti Factory" partially burnt out to read "the spag fact"
u/mike95242 / Via reddit.com

17.Caution: These are not beginner disco parts.

Storefront sign for "Advance Discount Auto Parts" reads "advance disco parts"
u/narutonaruto / Via reddit.com

18.Because food goes in your mouth, right? ...Right?

Neon sign of 'Golden Corral Buffet & Grill' reads "golden oral"
u/vaginalrelativity / Via reddit.com

19.And finally: Toot.

Toyota dealership sign with burnt out letters that spell "Toot"
u/PoisonWaffle3 / Via reddit.com