18 St. Patrick's Day Memes That'll "Craic" You Up

st patrick's day memes
18 St. Patrick's Day Memes That Are So AccuratePawsitively D'Lish Pet Photography - Getty Images

St. Patrick’s Day has become an invitation for everyone, regardless of where you’re from, to celebrate Irish culture. You might interpret that in more wholesome ways, like watching Irish movies or making traditional Irish recipes, or you might opt to get decked out in green and enjoy a pint (or several) of Guinness. Either way, it’s one of the most high-spirited days of the year, filled with shamrock decorations, chocolate gold coins, and with any luck, a rainbow at the end.

In recent years, another way to celebrate this holiday has emerged, which is of course to share St. Patrick’s Day memes with friends and family. These posts are known for being relatable, playful, and so specific to the holiday spirit that you can’t help but feel festive. Some of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day memes feature jokes about it being an all-day drinking marathon, but there’s also some historical humor, cute animals, and Irish cultural references as well.

While you’d normally have to wait until March 17th for these kinds of memes to appear on your Instagram feed, you can treat yourself to this list to get a head start on a laughter-filled holiday. Just make sure to save your favorites, so you can pass them along to others as one of the first St. Patrick’s Day activities on your holiday to-do list.

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