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Up-and-coming watch brand Hypergrand makes some of the coolest (and super-affordable) watches we've ever seen.

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18 Menswear Watches Worth Making Your Own

There are few things fashion people enjoy more than striking juxtaposition: softness with structure, black paired with white, masculine and feminine influences. Our favorite contrast of the moment? Feminine summer trends--imagine peek-a-boo lace dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, delicate jewelry, and lace-up flats--offset with a menswear timepiece.

This, of course, is not a totally new concept. Somewhere around 2009, the glossy, high-shine look of a chunky Michael Kors watch became every girl's favorite accessory (right after statement necklaces and crazy nail art). Since, our attention has turned to daintier options, but it seems that tides might slowly be turning back again. This time around, however, we are forgoing those "menswear-inspired" designs and trying something new: going straight to the source. Watches created specifically for men have a cool, weighty look to them and don't shy away from including all those authentic bells and whistles (like aperture, a working bezel, sub-dials, etc.).

Since it's incredibly unlikely that your brother, dad, boyfriend, or grandfather is willing to part with his favorite style, take matters into your own hands. (A little watch humor for you!) Once you've selected a option you like, just have it properly sized down by having links removed or an extra hole added. Now, let's get shopping! Ahead, 18 watches from the men's department that will look way better on your wrist than his.