Just 17 Lovely Photos To Bless Your Tired Eyeballs

*Sigh* Anyone else feeling the November blues? Is that a thing? No, just me? Well, anyway, here are 17 really freaking satisfying photos I found on r/oddlysatisfying that are helping me pretend I'm living in a perfect world:

1.This perfect doberman tail:

a circular tail
u/nixass / Via

2.This bird's-eye drone view of sheep being herded:

aerial view of sheep
u/rco888 / Via

3.This sand skier in Peru:

a sand skier
u/SinjiOnO / Via

4.This watermelon getting peeled like an orange:

a peeled watermelon
u/RevolutionaryTell668 / Via

5.The arrangement of these fall trees:

Fall trees
u/ZappBrannigansLaw / Via

6.This flawless cursive:

Someone writing cursive in a notebook
u/SonicAkshay_26 / Via

7.These Japanese pancakes getting flipped:

Someone flipping pancakes
u/SinjiOnO / Via

8.This steel wool being lit on fire:

steel wool on fire
u/Cyber_Being_ / Via

9.This collapsed garden wall that's actually really aesthetic:

fallen bricks
u/jorbulah / Via

10.This tilt-shift view of a construction site, which makes it look like toy trucks:

a construction site
u/i_am_cullivan / Via

11.This spiral apple-cutting tool:

a spiral apple cutting tool
u/jasonlovelyforever18 / Via

12.This frost on a car window that I kinda wanna lick off:

front on a window
u/vdall / Via

13.These framed pressed flowers that are honestly masterpieces:

framed flowers
u/Bohemialife1 / Via

14.This thinly sliced tomato:

a tomato
u/qwertz858 / Via

15.These Craigslist eggs arranged in a gradient:

"Fresh eggs for sale"
u/acemccrank / Via

16.The split colors on this leaf:

a multicolored leaf
u/halosixsixsix / Via

17.And finally, this perfect Pepe popsicle:

a Pepe popsicle
u/xwingx / Via