16 Spicy, Spicy, Spicyyyyy Sex Acts Folks Learned From Porn That Actually Work

Recently Reddit user Common-Sprinkles9328 asked the community, "What trick did you learn from porn and it actually went well when attempting?"

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Well, fortunately for the internet, these folks didn't hold anything back. They revealed naughty sex acts they learned from porn that actually worked when doing the deed.

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So, here are some tricks from porn that juuuuuuust might spice up your life:

Note: These submissions don't reflect a universal experience of sex acts people enjoy. Everyone's story is different.

1."What I once thought was just a porn thing completely blew her mind — pussy slapping with my penis (in a mild way, of course). I absolutely thought it was just porn silliness, but it apparently works for some women."


2."I figured out that I can use my thumb on my wife's clitoris in any missionary-like position (using gentle circles and a little pressure). It made a huge difference in us both reaching the finish line, and I usually get the silver medal for it (in a good way). Now that we're older and my hand cramps like a motherfucker, we use toys to stimulate her. Now I have a hand free for boob related activities, which we discovered is also a turn on for her."


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3."Changing pace, slowing down, or even just stopping. I have absolutely no idea what the video was, but it was porn stars giving tips and one girl was talking about guys finishing too soon. She said there's nothing wrong with slowing down or even just plain stopping for a few seconds, that the girl isn't going to care or freak out. It sounds obvious as heck to say now, but in my twenties it was a revelation. As toxic as porn can be for some who are kinda unhinged, if you can spot which parts of porn are very obviously not okay for your own bedroom, porn can be surprisingly beneficial."


4."I saw some vids of women using a Magic Wand, and they seemed to enjoy it. I suggested to my girlfriend that we get one and try it. We did, and we DID — the next purchase was a set of waterproof bed sheets."


5."I did copy the idea of having her on her stomach, legs together, me sitting across her back thighs, and arching a little while I enter her from behind. God, I love the feeling and the view."


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6."Over the edge/lie-back blowjobs create the perfect angle to allow for deep throating and minimizes your gag reflex 😜🍆🤤."


7."Tip teasing for a bit before going all the way in very suddenly. Obviously don’t do it at the beginning, but if you do it at the right time, it’s guaranteed to make them make the same face as when you use the head scratcher thing."


8."The 'come here' motion with your fingers on that little spongy spot inside. Eventually I took this to the next level, but you gotta have some meat to pull this off. You grip your dick by the base, and then use the head to toy her pussy. You want to sort of flick it up and down so it goes inside, hits the g-spot, and also rubs the clit on the up and down strokes. Master this and you’ll need to invest in waterproof sheets."


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9."Using the fingers to stroke the clit while fucking, looking at her while eating her out, and adding toys. Note that I used to watch what they call porn for women, but I've stopped watching porn. I don't enjoy it — never did. Just used it to get some tips, and they work. I don't like the porn model look, nor the abundance of young women. I dig women my age, their imperfections, and their passion. Porn desensitizes you and gives you a wrong view on women — I like to keep myself ready to go."


10."A lot of women are turned on by verbal expression. Dirty talk can be awkward, but sexy sincere talk is very energizing. Things like, 'Damn, I’ll never get enough of your body,' or 'Fuck, you make me happy,' or 'God, I’ll never let you go now.' Things like that — awkward sex talk is laughable. Things like, 'Imma bang you so hard,' or 'I’m gonna f your brains out.' It’s not that hot, ya know (at least not to me)."


11."Missionary anal. We had trouble trying anal because of my girl's size and my size. My wife is petite, so trying and trying different angles was never comfortable for her. Until I watched a video where the guy puts a big pillow under the girl's hips and fucks her on the corner of the bed...that's our favorite pose now."


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12."Maintain rhythm to help get women off. A lot of guys seem to think that when women are 'getting close' they should speed up. I was among them, but not anymore. If your woman is getting close, it means whatever rhythm you're using is working. Keep it up."


13."I learned a lot about bondage from a tutorial on one of the popular amateur sites from like 10-15 years ago. I really appreciated that they made a point of showing everything, including what could go wrong and also why it was wrong."


14."Honestly porn has showed me all of my kinks and tricks I do during sex. The big difference between the video and real life is the communication. One-night stands are difficult, but with a consistent partner you can go a little further each time and check in with them (or ask them what they like/feel)."


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15."Put a pillow under her hips (both for eating her out and for having sex) Better angle for both your neck and her g-spot."


16.And finally, "The longer the foreplay the better. Some people get frustrated and upset by this, while others go bananas. Also tilting your face to the side when eating her out so you can actually breathe. Porn actors do it to open the camera angle, but I'm telling you, you can eat her out for so much longer when you can breathe."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.