16 Bone-Chilling Photos That'll Turn You Into An Official Member Of The "No Sleep Club"

16 Bone-Chilling Photos That'll Turn You Into An Official Member Of The "No Sleep Club"

I don't think I'll ever learn to not look at r/oddlyterrifying when my stress levels are high. Here's to another night of no sleep, I guess. These 16 photos messed me up GOOD:

1."My car broke down, and the tow guy found a tracker."

Hand holding a 'hum' branded lighter with a lightbulb design next to the logo

2."This abandoned hospital."

Abandoned hospital room with surgical lights and table amidst decay
u/Monsur_Ausuhnom / Via reddit.com

3."Verrrry pregnant goat."

A pregnant goat named Beverly walking in a field with text overlay "Beverly is about to pop" with surprised emojis
u/Burlapin / Via reddit.com

4."Actual footage from a storm in Dubai. You can see the sky turn GREEN."

Cityscape shrouded in a haze, possibly indicating weather conditions or pollution, with visible structures and vegetation

5."Spotted in Paris today. They didn't move for, like, 20 minutes."

Group of people using VR headsets outdoors near a signpost

6."The mold in this cup."

A hand holds a container with a swollen and overflowing lid, seemingly due to fermentation or chemical reaction
TikTok / haveraduh / Via tiktok.com

7."'Get a pool, it will be relaxing,' they said."

Close-up of a scorpion on a speckled sandy surface

8."Setenil de las Bodegas in Spain."

Narrow street with buildings under a large overhanging rock formation

9."The way this user sensors faces."

Two people in a selfie, one's face is obscured by their hair swept over, in a car

10."These Baymax seat covers spooked me."

Two large plush ghosts placed on car's front seats appear to be 'driving'

11."Creepy illusion."

A humorous door handle prank featuring a bagged item resembling a hand reaching out
u/HorrorCredit9 / Via reddit.com

12."'The Stairs of Death' in Peru."

Tourists on steep stairs at Machu Picchu overlooking ancient ruins and landscape

13."Hotel room escape."

A bathroom door with peeling paint and visible marks, showcasing wear and tear
u/siorourke / Via reddit.com

14."I noticed this face in the TP holder while washing my hands."

Dispenser with an upside-down toilet paper roll against a tiled wall

15."Empty 20-lane highway in Naypyidaw, Myanmar."

Wide empty boulevard with a large building in the distance and two people walking
u/Monsur_Ausuhnom / Via reddit.com

16.And finally, "McDonald's in Poland."

Person in a Happy Meal costume waving, inside a restaurant
u/Urbex_Badger / Via reddit.com